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Andy Falco-Jimenez Best Selling Author

Andy Falco-Jimenez
Best Selling Author

Andy Falco-Jimenez, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Dog Trainer,  was our recent guest for our "Fast Start to Your Book" 12 Week Group Training Class.  Andy has accomplished much by using the tool of becoming a best selling author and proper marketing techniques.  We chose Andy for our interview to help our students get a feel for the diversity of personalities, walks of life and niches come from.

He has coauthored a book with his eight year old son, and together they have been interviewed for T.V. and radio spots.  What an incredible confidence building experience for his son, Kelly.
We say Andy is a shining example of what smart marketing and heart can do to change your life.

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This is a book written for both children and adults. There is a wonderful story written just for children and interesting facts and information for the adults. In the children's story, learn how a puppy has a dream to be a police dog and how he follows the advice of his mom and dad.

Then suddenly he gets a chance to prove that he can be Police Dog just like his father and grandfather. These facts will give you (the adult) the tools to answer the questions we are sure your child will have. It will be fun to learn about how fantastic Police Dogs are and do it together with your child.

Police Dogs are so fantastic and we hope you will enjoying learning how they use their nose, speed and smarts to help all of us everyday.

In addition to being a Police K9 handler, Andy has been featured with Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic's "Love my Pit bull" TV Show. He is also a two time number one bestselling author with "Dog Sniff Evidence" and "Dog Training for Fun and Profit". And lastly Andy owns Falco K9 Academy in Yorba Linda, California and they are considered to be the world's premier dog trainers and often referred to "King K9".    Get this book by clicking here

This book has been 30 years in the making. The book is for every dog trainer and pet owner who truly downloadwants a loving and respectful relationship with the dogs they live with or work with.

This method of training addresses many of the missing links you find in so many other dog training systems and methods. It also answers many questions. Andy Falco Jimenez has worked with Pet Dogs, Detection Dogs and Police Dogs for over 30 years.   (Here is the link to The Perfect Dog Training Method)

He has been featured on the Animal Planet, National Geographic and all three major networks in regard to his expertise in dogs and human behavior. He has worked alongside Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) on a show called "Love my Pitbull."

Aldo Cecchi is possibly the best dog trainer in the world. He is the leading trainer in Argentina and has been turning the dog world upside down. The nation's first Champion in Schutzhund and leading expert in pet dog training, detection dogs and Search and Rescue dogs.

Like Andy, Aldo is a former Police, officers who has turned his passion into a successful business. Together Andy and Aldo are taking Falco K9 Academy into the world of training others to be successful in training humans to be better companions and trainers to their dogs.

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This book is a must read for ANY detection dog handler. Not only are Narcotics Detection Dog Handlers called into court on suppression hearings... ALL Detection Dog Teams have the potential of being called in. You must be prepared and ready to go at any time. This book will give you all the tools you need to be ready for the day you are called into court.

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This is the best Detection Dog Manual you find for ALL detection dogs. Whether you are handling a Bed download (3)Bug Dog, Narcotics Dog or Explosives Detection dog... the concepts are all the same. We will teach you to have a more well rounded effective team through good training and more efficient deployments.
(Here the link to Falco K9 Academy Detection Dog Manual)
The Author, Andy Falco Jimenez has been training detection dogs for nearly 30 years. Andy is the President of Falco Enterprises, Inc. a company specializing in the training of humans and their dogs. Andy is also the President of Falco K9 Services, Security and Investigations, a security firm that utilizes dogs in both patrol and detection dog services in addition to other security services. Andy worked as a Police K9 handler from 1989 to 1996 for the Anaheim Police Department in California. During this period Andy became passionate about Police K9 training and dog training in general. After traveling throughout North America and Europe seeking dog training and behavior knowledge, Andy developed Falco K9 Academy in 1995. Since 1990 when he testified as an expert in a narcotics detection case in Los Angeles Federal Court, Andy has continued to be sought after in cases of all types involving dogs. From detection; to use of force; to slip and fall case and Pit Bull fight rings. He has testified and reviewed cases throughout the United States. Andy retired from the police department in 2005 to concentrate on Falco Enterprises, Inc. Andy's expertise has led to contracts with some of the largest companies in the world, including Disney; Rollins, police departments in North America, Argentina, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Andy has also assisted entrepreneurs in the Mold detection industry and Bed Bug Detection industry from coast to coast.

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