How to Interview Experts Video By Mike Koenigs

How to Interview Experts Video By Mike Koenigs

How to Interview Experts|Expert Interviews

Experts Get Ready! Here I come!


My Friend Mike Koenigs just posted a great video on how to interview experts.

I've outlined his advice below:

I love his advice to watch and listen to as many interviews of your guest as possible, then your outline and following tips to:

1. Determine an Outcome, Result or Big Take-Away going into the interview
2. Prepare Your Questions Ahead of Time
3. Get them Comfortable ahead of time, give them an easy out for any difficult questions

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4. Keep the Introduction super, super short 5. Let them tell their story...allow them to open the interview...ask them to share something interesting, strange or bizarre about themselves, no one else may know about. 6. Get them to share some Before and After stories... then ask: What did you learn from that experience? What was the biggest take-away 7. Set up a timer on your phone 8. Keep your question and answer segment- 3-4 minutes long 9. Keep your recording area quiet - Close doors, 10. Video? - Great lighting makes you look like a pro 11. Have someone else monitor the audio - make sure it's recording correctly 12. Save, upload and backup the recordings 13. Take pictures of the person you're interviewing

Watch Now...How to Interview Experts

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