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21 Smart Book Marketing Strategies to Implement Before You Publish Your Book

Mary Rodman Christian Author/Speaker Used These Smart Book #Marketing Strategies To Help Her Book Become a #1 Best Seller Book Marketing Starts BEFORE Publishing Use these Smart Book Marketing Strategies well before your book is completed. You want to start generating interest and buzz early in the development of you book. These book marketing strategies help create momentum and excitement which leads to more sales and new readers. These 16 Smart Book Marketing Strategies will turbo-charge you book sales Cross-Promote and Blog Start early and be consistent. Tap into groups of other #authors to cross-promote each other's books. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find groups that have other books that are similar to yours. Start blogging your book...and post your cover on your blog. Regularly post snippets of the content of your book to begin gathering interest. This simple book marketing strategy is highly effective, and helps engage readers and keep them interested. Ask followers to read your book prior to having it published. This creates excitement and encourages great feedback. Ask these readers to tell others, your goal is to encourage your readers to review your book once it&x27;s published. You can find people to be your "beta readers" from your email list and from social #media. Be realistic here, not everyone you ask to read your book will. Publish in Multiple Formats and Develop Your Pricing Strategy Be sure to publish your book in as many formats as possible. Whether you start out with a Kindle version or paperback doesn&x27;t matter. (I encourage starting with a Kindle version for a number of reasons.) Offering... read more

TL Waldof Authors An Untold Story of The Manhattan Project

What does this Facebook post have to do with The Manhattan Project, the highly secret military initiative conducted during World War II ? Keep reading... This photo belongs to the historical collection #TeresaWaldof is gathering to document her grandfather's biography and his historical role in the development of the atom bomb. #HarleyWilhelm, PhD was the leading scientist at the Ames Laboratory located at Iowa State College (University) in 1942. It was Dr. Wilhelm who developed the uranium production methods which made the production of the atom bomb possible... Waldof intends to reveal the personal side of this story, unveiling the historical account no other author is privileged to write. According to Waldof, Dr Wilhelm, opted to stay out of the limelight and often allowed others to take credit for his work. According to Waldof, her book will highlight her grandfather's journey from a tiny farm town in Iowa to becoming a prominent historical figure. I was honored to interview Waldof for an episode of my soon-to-be-released podcast, "#Authors&Outliers: Compelling stories from Experts, Mavericks, Pioneers & Trailblazers". Watch for Her Upcoming Book: "The Boy From Pumptown: The Story of the Scientist Who Solved the Manhattan Project's Uranium Problem," to be released early 2017. Oh by the way, this is a 1926 contribution to the story! Do you have a compelling story? Is your book written? Join me and share your story! Leave a comment below, and let's conduct an interview...... read more

Joint Venture With a Handshake – Grow Your Business Fast!

Joint Venture With a Handshake - Grow Your Business Fast! Wikipedia describes a joint venture as:   joint venture (JV) is a business entity created by two or more parties, generally characterized by shared ownership, shared returns and risks, and shared governance. A well executed Joint Venture deal is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business ever created!... Less than 5% of established businesses have entered into such an arrangement. Suppose for moment,  you've developed a high-end training program teaching others how to become a local business consultant. You're looking to expand your business. What if you could send a letter to the non-buying leads of a much larger company that sells training programs to become a real estate consultant. An example cited in Forbes, by Patrick Hull outlines the benefits such an arrangement can both parties. "Take the example of a friend of mine ... He was looking to expand his business a few years ago and entered into a JV with a much larger company that sells training programs teaching people how to become a business finance consultant. The company generated thousands of leads a month and had a 7% sales success rate. My friend worked out a deal to have the larger company mail a letter he wrote to all the non-buyers (93% of the leads) at his cost and shared a percentage of the sales. These leads were all people interested in learning a skill – just not the exact one the company offered. He was able to gain access to the leads the other company generated at no cost. Both... read more

Legends & Lies Of The New York Times BestSeller List

Bill O’Reilly’s personal story brings up a real issue for all #authors everywhere. His story (aired on Fox News) emphasizes a fatal flaw in the way books are listed on New York Times #BestSeller list. This isn’t the first time this flaw has been pointed out by the #media in recent times. Tim Grahl, posted an article in the Observer in February of this year, pointing out the “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” when he referred to the NYT selection process for its bestseller list. O’Reilly noted the failure of his newest book, “Legends & Lies: The Patriots”, to reach #1 on the famed New York Times best seller list despite selling more (14,500 more) books, than “The Gene”, which was listed Number one in the same week. WATCH THE SEGMENT HERE: Watch the latest video at ********** The video has been removed from the site, however, I found this transcript Is the NY Times Best-Seller List Honest? The Factor alleged that something is amiss with the New York Times important best-seller list. The new book "Legends & Lies: The Patriots' debuted at 1 on the Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly lists, but it is number six on the Times list. Also, 'Legends & Lies' has sold far more books than 'The Gene,' which tops the Times list. The Times editor refused an invitation to appear, but two publishing experts spoke about the list. "The Times plays games all the time with many of our books," groused Marji Ross of Regnery Publishing, "and many of our authors have experienced the same thing you have... read more

How to Interview Experts Video By Mike Koenigs

  My Friend Mike Koenigs just posted a great video on how to interview experts. I've outlined his advice below: I love his advice to watch and listen to as many interviews of your guest as possible, then your outline and following tips to: 1. Determine an Outcome, Result or Big Take-Away going into the interview 2. Prepare Your Questions Ahead of Time 3. Get them Comfortable ahead of time, give them an easy out for any difficult questions Click here to learn more 4. Keep the Introduction super, super short 5. Let them tell their story...allow them to open the interview...ask them to share something interesting, strange or bizarre about themselves, no one else may know about. 6. Get them to share some Before and After stories... then ask: What did you learn from that experience? What was the biggest take-away 7. Set up a timer on your phone 8. Keep your question and answer segment- 3-4 minutes long 9. Keep your recording area quiet - Close doors, 10. Video? - Great lighting makes you look like a pro 11. Have someone else monitor the audio - make sure it's recording correctly 12. Save, upload and backup the recordings 13. Take pictures of the person you're interviewing Watch Now...How to Interview Experts [video_player type="embed" width="560" height="315" align="center" margin_top="0"... read more

Lessons From a Pitching Coach

Pitching Coach, as in Pitching Your Business... Michael Parker's presentation is so good, it warrants your attention...After you've reviewed it, please leave a comment below. I'd love to know what your thoughts are. 28 Pitching Essentials from Michael... read more

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