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4 Gritty Traits that Pave the Road to Happiness

We must encounter frustration and failure to enjoy success. Wait... what? It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? In today’s business world, mistakes can be Source: 4 Gritty Traits that Pave the Road to Happiness | Addicted 2 Success We came across this article and felt it is a perfect post for our Mindset Monday.  The proper mindset is the key that can make or break ANY endeavor we have set our hearts on. There will be the obstacles on the road to authorship.  There will be the learning curve, an ever changing digital world, life in general, and a multiple of other things that can stand in our way.  We hope you all enjoy this... read more

Error Free Submissions | The EPub Validator

Thursday is our Tech Tools for #Authors Segment Our goal is to bring you an array of cool tools that are becoming available for authors. This is one of many we will be sharing with you. This is a free tool. This is a post we wanted to share from Joel Friedlander of IDPF ePub Validator – Checks your ePub for errors and reports Where to find it: Learning Curve: Walk in the park The International Digital Publishing Forum sets the standards for the ePub file specifications. Some major eBook/ePub vendors require that a submission to their service be 100% error free, and conform to the industry standards for ePub validation. (Notable examples are Ingram Spark and Smashwords, where others like Amazon KDP are much more forgiving.) In effect, the files must not contain anything that is out of spec for the format, or improperly coded for these publishers to accept the files. Though ePub conversion from most applications is flawless, sometimes things don’t encode just right. A font may be embedded that shouldn’t be, a special character might be in the manuscript, or you might have an image that is set to word-wrap that just isn’t working. No matter the issue, the ePub validator website will take your file, scan it, and give you a fairly detailed, if not technical, overview of what went wrong. This will allow you to fix the issue in your source interior file, be it Word or InDesign, or use another tool like Calibre or Sigil. It is as easy to use as simply uploading the file and pressing validate, and you will... read more

Supporting Customers Using Facebook

##Social Media Marketing Podcast 153, in this episode Mari Smith will explore how to use Facebook for customer service and support. Source: Supporting Customers With Facebook: What Businesses Need to Know Social Media Examiner This is an informative article and podcast served to you courtesy of Social Media Examiner.  We follow their blog and share often because of the vast wealth of valuable information they provide that can help us grow our business and promote our books as authors. Enjoy! Becky Norwood and Diane K.... read more

Are You Missing From Your Life?

We showcase Best Selling Author Ellie Savoy today for one very important reason. Are YOU taking care of YOU? On the road to authorship and growing your business there is hustle of so many pieces of marketing that takes place that we often neglect our own health and wellness.  This is our Friday gift to you:  Remember to take care of YOU!  Following is a guest post presented by Ellie Savoy. I know this might sound strange but have you ever considered that you might be missing from your life? You are nowhere to be found on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual list of priorities. When I ask this question to a group of people or an individual, the answer is always a resounding “yes”. The question is something that people don’t seem to have ever considered. Have you ever had a conversation with yourself about this? Does it feel impossible, maybe even a myth to make yourself a priority? Yet if you don’t, who will, and what will happen if you don’t? I started my journey of making myself a priority back in 2011 and haven’t looked back since. I never realized that a uterine fibroid diagnosis was going to change my life so much in a positive way when I made the decision to do something about it naturally. (Purchase her book today!) When my gynecologist told me that I had two uterine fibroids, one the size of an orange, I was really upset. On the drive home, I had to pull off on the side of the road because I was crying. It wasn’t a... read more

14 Digital Tools for Authors and Illustrators

In today's #digital world, there are a slew of unique tools that can make your illustrations and stories come to life in ways that go far beyond the paperback. Source: 14 Digital Tools for ##Authors and #Illustrators Ok, so we had something TOTALLY different in mind for today's Authors #Tech Tools Thursday blog post.  Then...we found this!  lol It has such good information that Diane K. Bell and I (Becky Norwood) could not resist! Truthfully, as we scour the internet for tools that make the lives of both our clients and our followers who are either authors on the path to becoming authors, we have come across a LOT of amazing things that will simplify the processes we go through as on our road to authorship. We now have a bucket full of great tech tools...but we can only share them a little at a time to prevent complete and utter overwhelm!  🙂 Leaving a legacy, building a business, reinventing yourself...the path to authorship is made easier by our Fast Start to Your Book - 12 Week Group Program  Check it... read more

Author Showcase: Andy Falco-Jimenez –

Andy Falco-Jimenez, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Dog Trainer,  was our recent guest for our "Fast Start to Your Book" 12 Week Group Training Class.  Andy has accomplished much by using the tool of becoming a best selling author and proper marketing techniques.  We chose Andy for our interview to help our students get a feel for the diversity of personalities, walks of life and niches #authors come from. He has coauthored a book with his eight year old son, and together they have been interviewed for T.V. and radio spots.  What an incredible confidence building experience for his son, Kelly. We say Andy is a shining example of what smart marketing and heart can do to change your life. This is a book written for both children and adults. There is a wonderful story written just for children and interesting facts and information for the adults. In the children's story, learn how a puppy has a dream to be a police dog and how he follows the advice of his mom and dad. Then suddenly he gets a chance to prove that he can be Police Dog just like his father and grandfather. These facts will give you (the adult) the tools to answer the questions we are sure your child will have. It will be fun to learn about how fantastic Police Dogs are and do it together with your child. Police Dogs are so fantastic and we hope you will enjoying learning how they use their nose, speed and smarts to help all of us everyday. In addition to being a Police K9 handler, Andy has... read more

Creating Social Media Images That Support Your Brand

Are you getting maximum results from your #visual content? This article shows how to help your audience associate your ######social media images with your brand. Source: How to Create Social Media Images That Support Your Brand Social Media Examiner We share this as part of our #Timely Tips Tuesday Blogging adventure.  There is so much valuable content spread across the internet and it is impossible to be the "know it all."  Each of us as #authors have a full plate when it comes to skillfully marketing both our books and the businesses we are building. Social Media plays a huge role in exposure.  We felt that this article would be a valuable contribution to our followers.  Branding plays a key role in gaining recognition and familiarity with your followers. Fonts, colors and layouts are all design elements that play a huge role in making your company’s images stand out. If one of your social media goals is to increase your brand recognition and drive more people to your business, effective design tactics are your express ticket to success. We recommend you read the full article from the Social Media Examiner and invite your comments below. What do you think? Is your visual content immediately familiar to your audience? What is your favorite way to add your brand touch to designs? Becky Norwood and Diane K. Bell Leave your thoughts in the comments... read more

Mindset Monday: How to Recharge Your Mental Batteries

Rush, rush, rush. Too much to do. Too little time! Did you ever hear the old phrase, “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!”? Here is what it means. It means that when you’re not taking “mind breaks” your thought processes get sluggish, your deci-sion-making becomes more difficult, and your creativity goes down the drain.  (Read the rest of this by clicking here) Source: How to Recharge Your Mental Batteries :: San Diego Business Coach | Miguel de Jesus, Be Successful! Personal Coaching – San Diego Life Coach | Miguel de Jesus Business Coaching   Miguel A. De Jesus is my mentor and a man I deeply respect for his wisdom, his kindness and his friendship.  I can think of nothing better than to showcase his knowledge and expertise here for our Mindeset Monday blog series. Miguel's webite is:   (Be sure to click on the book images above to purchase his books on Amazon.) Miguel A. de Jesús is a highly-accomplished, results-oriented C-level leader with more than 20 years experience overseeing business management, global sales/marketing, with two Fortune 500 companies. He is a Sales Leadership Training professional, Executive Coach, Digital Marketing professional who helps business leaders, authors, speakers, coaches and other professionals to improve their Digital Marketing efforts to gain more visitors, leads, and client conversions through the use of proprietary software. Miguel is in a partnership with Steve Siebold, Keynote Speaker and author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. Steve is the founder of the Mental Toughness University Program. In his role as a Fortune 500 executive, and an associate of Steve's, Miguel... read more

Friday Tips: The New Changes to Kindle Unlimited

If you haven’t heard the news yet, #Amazon is making changes to #Kindle Unlimited beginning July 1, 2015. They are going to be paying by page read for books that are in the Kindle Unlimited service. If you aren’t familiar with Kindle Unlimited this is Amazon’s “Netflix” service for books: you can rent books for [...] Source: The New Changes to Kindle Unlimited - Author Marketing Experts, Inc. Becky Norwood and Diane K Bell from Publish Yourself to Wealth feel that this article offers a good perspective on the newest changes to Amazon.  Our goal is to find as many ways that we can to support authors on their... read more

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