Example: The Perfect Book Sales Page

Example: The Perfect Book Sales Page

Imagine Your on This Page...

As many of you know, I've been developing a Best Selling Author's Directory... to help you showcase your best selling books. When I saw this layout, I had to show you.

This was recently posted by Tom Morkes on his blog, so credit goes to him for this book sales page example.

Would you like to have your best selling books showcased in this manner?
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If you want to sell your best sellingbooks, then you need the perfect book sales page. Here's how to create one.

Source: The Perfect Book Sales Page by Tom Morkes

Join us for the 9th Annual Book Marketing Conference Online!

Join us for the 9th Annual Book Marketing Conference Online!

We're excited to invite you to a wonderful event for !9th-Annual-Banner-250  Join Us for the 9th Annual Book Marketing Conference Online

This year the theme is "Reach More Readers!" The event is shaping up to be the best one yet!

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Register for Free access to three, interactive, workshops. These are designed to help you reach more readers and sell more books.

  • Reach More Readers (Online book marketing strategies that sizzle!)
  • Productivity Workshop (Learn how to get more done in less time!)
  • Surprise Workshop (We believe you'll be delighted with this one too!)

You'll also be able to get your access pass for this 16-Speaker event. Check out the lineup...

  1. Rachel Henke: Position Package & Promote Your Expertise with a Book
  2. Donna K. Fitch: Your Online Author Presence
  3. Jane Tabachnick: Boost Book Sales with a Media Kit
  4. Linda Stirling: Enhance Your Amazon Presence So Readers Love You
  5. Sandra Beckwith: Reach More Readers Through Guest Blogging
  6. Sara F. Hathaway: Harness the Power of Pinterest to Reach More Readers
  7. Brian Basilico: Building the Buzz Before the Book Launch Using Social Media
  8. Tamara Patzer: Reach More Readers Through List Building
  9. Brian Jud: How to Sell Large Quantities of Books to Non-Bookstore Buyers
  10. Diane Bell and Becky Norwood: Deliver Your Perfect Pitch To Your Perfect Audience
  11. Bill O’Hanlon: C.A.R.V.E. Your Platform for Greater Visibility and Income
  12. Jeff Herring: Reaching the World with the Few Short Words that Sell More Books
  13. Eamonn O'Brien: Reach More Readers by Learning How to Make Powerful Speeches
  14. Ellen Finkelstein: How to Use PowerPoint to Create Powerful Videos and Engaging Course Content
  15. Doug Foresta: How to Reach More Readers Through Podcasting
  16. D'vorah Lansky: Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

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Looking forward to seeing you at the event!


Wealthy Author Showcase:  Lori L Barr MD, FACR

Wealthy Author Showcase: Lori L Barr MD, FACR

Introducing Lori L Barr MD, FACR.  We had a delightful interview with the amazing Lori L Barr.

Lori Lee Barr

Our students in our Fast Start to Your Book Group training class have been providing us with the feedback that they truly enjoyed her interview and learned much from her prospective.  Lori is AWESOME!~

Lori L Barr MD, FACR
Dr. Lori Barr is an internationally recognized medical doctor, bestselling author and doctors’ mentor. She helps over 18,127 patients and their doctors each year in Austin, Texas where she practices diagnostic medical imaging and served for 5 years as the medical director of the Dell Childrens Imaging Center. Her first publications were as a journalist and editor for her high school newspaper. Her first peer-reviewed scientific paper was published during her radiology residency. Five years later, her first medical textbook, the Handbook of Pediatric Imaging was published. Since that time she has helped hundreds of medical students, doctors and other health care professionals design experiments, write manuscripts, get funded and get published. After 34 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, four books including the international bestseller Think & Grow Well and 13 book chapters, she understands the ups and downs of writing, publishing and promotion. As a thought leader with Peak Idea LLC, she moves credentialed professionals from numb faceless "white coats and suits" to leaders of the vibrant living movement as she helps them relearn how to live, laugh, love and build their legacies.

Click to Purchase!

Click to Purchase!

1185131_10202578732443272_868344714_nAre you tired of doctors who don't take enough time to figure out what is wrong?

Are you tired of medicines that cause more problems than they solve?

Are you tired of being labeled something that you are not?

Busy and stressed? Most self-help books teach lifestyle changes after disease strikes. Most wellness books are "how to" guides for your body or theoretical books about the mind or spirit. What is needed is an easy to follow guide that works with your schedule so you take action when your health is on the line.

In Think & Grow Well, Dr. Barr shares 14 stories of moments where people make decisions that either make or break their vitality. Deconstruct their stories and learn exactly what steps you need to take to strengthen your physical and non-physical faculties to create and preserve your total health before disease challenges you or someone you love.

Reset the subconscious controls responsible for unhealthy habits.

Act with confidence in the moments where health is in the balance.

Communicate your vitality plan to your wellness team.

Erase mental tattoos that keep you stuck in your current thinking.

Replace three feelings that crush creativity and imagination.

Live stronger, love longer and more vibrantly than you ever imagined possible and do it in a surprisingly short amount of time. You set your own pace for health creation and preservation. After reading this book, you will have a different vitality conversation with yourself and your healthcare provider.

Using Facebook to Market Your Book?

Using Facebook to Market Your Book?


Source: Facebook Frenzy! - Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

"Facebook Frenzy – are you using Facebook to market your book? If not, you certainly should be. Check out these important Facebook stats and tips on the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn!" - See this interesting post we found on Author Marketing Experts!

We all know that marketing is an integral part of success for authors.  It is not enough to simply write the book...we can guarantee that no matter how good it is, without consistent and well thought out marketing, your book will indeed get lost in the cobwebs of cyberspace!

Don't let that happen!  Social Media is just one of the tools you can use.  Learn which is a fit for you, and if you do nothing else, use one and learn how to use it to your advantage.

Wealthy Author Showcase: Miguel A. de Jesus

Wealthy Author Showcase: Miguel A. de Jesus

Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach:  Miguel A de Jesus

, Speaker and Coach: Miguel A de Jesus

Let Your Emotional Intelligence Do the Talking

Click to Purchase this book on Amazon

Miguel A. De Jesús is a highly-accomplished, results-oriented C-level leader with more than 20 years experience overseeing business management, global sales/marketing, with two Fortune 500 companies.

He is a Sales Leadership Training professional, Executive Coach, Digital Marketing professional who helps business leaders, , speakers, coaches and other professionals to improve their Digital Marketing efforts to gain more visitors, leads, and client conversions through the use of proprietary software.

Miguel is in a partnership with Steve Siebold, Keynote Speaker and author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. Steve is the founder of the Mental Toughness University Program.

Miguel A. de Jesus:   Success Leaves Clues

Click to Purchase: Success Leaves Clues

In his role as a Fortune 500 executive, and an associate of Steve's, Miguel has been able to help corporations improve sales and leadership results, and has trained in excess of 25,000 sales people in Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Harrah's Entertainment, Proctor & Gamble, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

"My passion is in working with business owners and leaders who want to make better decisions, becoming better leaders, getting better results, in a healthy organization."

As a Make, Market Launch IT, Author, Expert Marketing Machines, and Instant Customer Consultant, he gives advice, strategies and implementation support to individuals, small businesses, or companies who want to bring new products or services to market, or want to improve the performance of their existing product(s).


Click to listen to Miguel's "The Boomer Business Owner" Podcast


Miguel can be found in these ways:









Modern Authors Delve Into Digital and Visual Storytelling

Modern Authors Delve Into Digital and Visual Storytelling

A look at how are using and visuals to connect with fans, build online communities and rethink the creative process.

Source: Modern Authors Delve Into Digital and Visual Storytelling

This is a great article we found! wealthyauthors at Publish Yourself to Wealth is adamant about making sure our students and clients understand the many tools that need to be used in our marketing efforts.

We strive to share as many good articles as we can to showcase the wealth of possibilities.

We welcome feedback on our blog...please comment below!

Becky Norwood and Diane Bell