Error Free Submissions | The EPub Validator

Error Free Submissions | The EPub Validator

Tech Tools Thursday

Thursday is our Tech Tools for Segment

Our goal is to bring you an array of cool tools that are becoming available for authors.

This is one of many we will be sharing with you.

This is a free tool.

This is a post we wanted to share from Joel Friedlander of

IDPF ePub Validator – Checks your ePub for errors and reports

Where to find it:

Learning Curve: Walk in the park

Ebook tech tools

The International Digital Publishing Forum sets the standards for the ePub file specifications. Some major eBook/ePub vendors require that a submission to their service be 100% error free, and conform to the industry standards for ePub validation. (Notable examples are Ingram Spark and Smashwords, where others like Amazon KDP are much more forgiving.) In effect, the files must not contain anything that is out of spec for the format, or improperly coded for these publishers to accept the files.

Though ePub conversion from most applications is flawless, sometimes things don’t encode just right. A font may be embedded that shouldn’t be, a special character might be in the manuscript, or you might have an image that is set to word-wrap that just isn’t working.

No matter the issue, the ePub validator website will take your file, scan it, and give you a fairly detailed, if not technical, overview of what went wrong. This will allow you to fix the issue in your source interior file, be it Word or InDesign, or use another tool like Calibre or Sigil. It is as easy to use as simply uploading the file and pressing validate, and you will know that your file is ready for primetime before you try to submit it to a vendor.

Book Launch Today!  “I Didn’t Know What to Say”  by David Knapp

Book Launch Today! “I Didn’t Know What to Say” by David Knapp

Author:  David Knapp

Author David Knapp - Grief Relief Ministries

David's Book is Available: July 15th!

Please support him to reach #1 Best Seller!

Being a Better Friend to Those Who Experience GriefHave you walked with friends or family members through a time of in their lives, and longed to be a better helper to them? Have you wished you knew how to rise above the norm and really make a difference to a person going through the grieving process?

All too often, our dominant way of dealing with the grief and loss of others is avoidance. We try to change the subject, stuff it down, explain it away, and generally try to get away from it quickly. Grief feels uncomfortable so sidestepping is our first reaction and then perhaps the offer of trite condolences at best, or worse something thoughtless and unintentionally damaging. Yet, grief really is best processed with the help of friends or relatives. Just as a cut on your arm, left unattended, can become infected, so too thwarted grief can cause issues in one’s life, either immediately or long term. The supportive help of others can assist in the proper healing of grief.

David Knapp’s personal experience of going through the deep grieving process twice in life did more than temporarily affect him. It motivated him to become a student of what was going on in and around him. He observed how friends and colleagues reacted to the stunning loss of not just one wife to cancer, but his second wife as well. He noted what people did and said that was helpful and what was hurtful. Soon he was driven to reach out and help others experiencing loss in ways that few had done for him. He began to see that most people really did want to connect with a person in grief, but fear, ignorance or verbal clumsiness held them back—but there were skills that could be learned.

More and more, Knapp found himself responding to questions about the grief process and what to say or NOT to say. Kindly he’d explain what it was like for him during the grieving process and how he could have been helped. More than one friend admitted, “I didn’t know what to say.” Born out of these experiences of helping his immediate family and countless unknown connections across the nation comes his book, I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY: Being A Better Friend To Those Who Experience Loss.

This is not a typical book on grief. Knapp’s dominant objective for writing his compelling story, interspersed throughout the book, is to help people—young or old, male or female, friend or professional—who find themselves close to a grieving individual. He deeply desires to empower people to be .

Knapp’s long experience as a teacher shows through as he shares practical suggestions for dealing with varying kinds of loss. Chapters cover losses of pets, divorce, children (by any means), relatives and spouses. He offers helpful insight in understanding gender, cultural, and religious differences, and how those affect grieving.  The book is filled with genuine help on how to go through the tumultuous grieving process with others, including some useful charts and lists for the hurried reader. He does not sidestep the need for time to deal with grief, and empathetically reassures the griever that in time one can emerge a whole person ready for wherever their journey takes them next.

We have enjoyed working with David Knapp and his wife Crystal Wacker Knapp in the process of writing his book and applaud this day with him and his family.  His subject is one we have all faced or will face at some time. David eloquently guides us on a subject so tender...dealing with loss and knowing what to say and do to be the greatest support for those who are experiencing loss.

David's ministry is called Grief Relief Ministries.  He is available for speaking engagements and training events.

  • Business Groups
  • Hospice Staff and Gatherings
  • Church Services
  • Sunday School Classes
  • Grief Recovery Groups
  • Leadership Seminars and Retreats
  • Leadership Staff Meetings
  • Small Group Gatherings

For more information go to


Visioning Your Way to Success

Visioning Your Way to Success


As ...or aspiring authors, we have such brilliance in our dreams to make a difference in this big world of ours.

Authors and business owners are in business, not just to make a living.  Our purpose is to impact the world we live in.  Often non fiction writers have one of three goals:

  • To leave a legacy
  • To build our existing businesses
  • To reinvent ourselves and create a brand new business that in in harmony with who we are and can showcase our wisdom and expertise.

The goal of this exercise is to create a business in harmony with the lifestyle you desire, using your knowledge, expertise and professional experience.

What does your lifestyle business look like?

  • If you had all the time, and all the money, and all the resources, and all the contacts, and everything you need, and you wanted to design your life and business perfectly, what would it look like 10 years from today? (from Brian Tracy)


  • If we were having this conversation three years from today, and we were to look back from that date back to now, what has to have happened—in terms of your personal and business progress—for you to feel happy with your progress? (from Dan Sullivan) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Which of these time-tested information products and programs excite you?


Can you imagine what your business will look like with a variety of these working for you?

From the 57 time-tested books and information products below, identify those you want to develop, to create your perpetual income platform.

Take a moment and circle those you’d like to have working for you in the next 6 months to 3 years…

Books  · E-books ·  Audio Books ·  Booklets and Mini-books  ·  Workbooks  · Reference Books

Single Audio Cassettes or CDs · Audio Learning Programs · Downloadable Audio and Document Products · Subscription Audio Series · Video Trainings

Multi-media Programs · CD-ROM DVD Training · Home Study Programs · Professional Education Programs · Web-centered Distance Education Programs · Keynote Speaking

Break-out Sessions · Speakers Bureau Programs · Public Seminars · Tele-seminars ·Webinars

Corporate Training Programs · Train-the-Trainer Programs · BootCamps · Tele-boot Camps · Cruise Ship Seminars · Coaching Programs

Mentoring and Apprentice Programs · Business-building and Practice-building Systems · Long-term Consulting Contracts · Subscription Consulting · Licensing

Facilitation and Certification Programs · Weekend Retreats · Newsletters  Ezines and E-newsletters · Special Reports or White Papers ·Syndicated Columns

Television and Radio Shows · Video Podcasts · Audio Podcasts, Internet Radio Shows · Private Label Newspaper, Magazine or Newsletter · Ghostwriting and Co-authoring · Pre-sold Book Program · Branded Retail Products

Acquiring Rights · Selling Your Intellectual Property Rights ·Media Expert Contracts · Spokesperson Contracts · Software ·Trade Shows And Conventions

Trade Associations · Membership Web Sites · Finder & Agent Programs ·Custom Products For Fundraisers · Philanthropic Trusts and Foundations

Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform is comprised of 4 types of income streams.

Which of these is right for you?

Of the 4 Income Streams…Which do you want working for you?  Why?

To the best of your ability, quantify the amounts of income you want from each.

My Ideal Immediate Income:  $______________

My Ideal Residual Income:     $______________

My Ideal Income from O.P.E. (other people’s money): $____________

Income from selling parts or all of your business:   $_____________

What problems do you solve for others?

Summarize the problems your expertise can solve and the aspirations you can help others achieve ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Now which of these areas have others been willing to pay for?  You are seeking a large buying audience, and those who have shown an interest in your product or service.

Want to discover what your audience is buying?  You simply do a search online and see what products are being offered by the top experts in your field; your competitors.

(Don’t be afraid of competition here!  You want a large audience and if there’s no one providing your service, then you won’t have a market).

As you create and build your legacy, your brand, write your book...think of the big picture that allows you to build streams of revenue that can sustain you without being there 24/7.

Create products that can truly impact the lives of others....because...


Are You Missing From Your Life?

Are You Missing From Your Life?

Ellie Savoy:  Stop Dieting Start Living

Ellie Savoy

We showcase Best Selling Author Ellie Savoy today for one very important reason.

Are YOU taking care of YOU?

On the road to authorship and growing your business there is hustle of so many pieces of marketing that takes place that we often neglect our own health and wellness.  This is our Friday gift to you:  Remember to take care of YOU!  Following is a guest post presented by Ellie Savoy.

I know this might sound strange but have you ever considered that you might be missing from your life? You are nowhere to be found on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual list of priorities. When I ask this question to a group of people or an individual, the answer is always a resounding “yes”. The question is something that people don’t seem to have ever considered. Have you ever had a conversation with yourself about this? Does it feel impossible, maybe even a myth to make yourself a priority? Yet if you don’t, who will, and what will happen if you don’t?

I started my journey of making myself a priority back in 2011 and haven’t looked back since. I never realized that a uterine fibroid diagnosis was going to change my life so much in a positive way when I made the decision to do something about it naturally.Stop Dieting-Start Living

(Purchase her book today!)

When my gynecologist told me that I had two uterine fibroids, one the size of an orange, I was really upset. On the drive home, I had to pull off on the side of the road because I was crying. It wasn’t a cancer diagnosis so why was I so upset? Why did I feel so sad? The best way I can describe it is because I felt like I had neglected myself. I had not be paying attention to the needs of my body. For over 25 years I was a yo-yo dieter. I had mainly focused on losing weight for half my life and not my long-term health by living a healthy lifestyle. It seemed like too much work to take care of myself on a day-to-day basis. I discovered that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I was given four options by my gynecologist. Three involved surgery, one of which was a hysterectomy, and the fourth was to do nothing. I did not want to take the surgical route, so I looked into what I could do naturally because I wanted to do something about them. After-all, I didn’t want them taking up permanent residency in my body and getting bigger.

I embarked upon a three month homeopathic hormone rejuvenation program. Two prerequisites were to eat as much organic food as possible and to give up alcohol during the program. I did both. I was so committed to shrinking the fibroids and I wasn’t playing around. The fibroids started to shrink, I started to lose weight, and the best thing of all is that I became healthier in the process and really enjoyed taking care of myself. The fibroids were a gift in disguise.

Thankfully for me, my diagnosis wasn’t life threatening, but why is it that we often have to wait for something to wake us up or just think about losing weight and not becoming healthy? Most of us don’t necessarily think to do something different until we are faced with unfavorable news.

Juggling Too Many Balls

I am a Type A personality. I was an overachiever. I was a perfectionist. I was very stressed on a regular basis and I always pushed myself to my limits and beyond. It was a pattern of mine and something that I never even considered changing. I know I am not alone with this. In fact, I can remember dealing with exhaustion in my 20’s because I was overdoing things. I would only stop when my body said “no more”. My dad would say that only one person could change it. That person was of course me, but it took me years and a diagnosis to change my ways.

I ran myself ragged for years because I wasn’t making myself a priority. I overextended myself so much that I often felt like I needed a life raft to save me at times, but I would just keep on going. I couldn’t say no to things. Sometimes I didn’t want to say no because I really wanted to say yes, even though I knew I didn’t have the time without compromising something else, which was usually taking good care of myself. I remember in 2010 having my ironing board up for 10 days because I just didn’t have the time to get to the ironing and I’m a person who gets things done. I knew things were pretty dire and that I couldn’t keep it up. This was the year my dad died, I was President of my local Rotary club, and I was working in Real Estate, in addition to many other things I had going on. There were far too many balls in the air and I felt it affecting me physically, emotionally and mentally.

I have countless stories about how I kept so many balls juggling in the air at once. I bet you do too. I didn’t know how to create a healthy lifestyle that would free me from the clutches of food and too much stress. I didn’t know how to balance things in my life or even have the desire to make lasting changes. We think that if we just get through “this” then we will be “okay”, but then life creates another situation for us to juggle again. It simply is not sustainable for our health or our happiness, so it makes perfect sense to declare ourselves a priority and put an end to the juggling act.

Remember the safety announcement on an airplane prior to takeoff regarding an emergency situation, where we are told to put our own oxygen mask on first, before helping someone else. There is a very good reason for this. If you try to put the oxygen mask on someone else first, you risk both of you not getting masks on in time. In order for us to be able to take care of someone else, we must first take care of ourselves. I hope this resonates deeply and is something that helps put taking care of yourself first into perspective so you cease being a juggler trying to keep all the balls in the air. Why do we have to wait until we are so burned out physically, mentally and emotionally before and say “enough is enough”, until the next time?

People do nice things for us at times and we feel appreciated from time-to-time, but what about the in-between times? When you make yourself a priority, the nice things from others become the icing on the cake. Bringing more awareness to your own needs and saying yes to yourself more and as often as possible doesn’t mean suddenly becoming irresponsible and blowing off your commitments. It is simply about honoring yourself in a healthy way and acknowledging that you have needs and desires that deserve to be fulfilled, instead of leaving yourself on the side line. Think of it as showing up as the real, whole you, every day. Now doesn’t that sound delicious?

Ellie Savoy has dedicated herself in a vary balanced way to help others "Stop and Smell the Roses"

Be sure to check out her website at

Follow her on Facebook


14 Digital Tools for Authors and Illustrators

14 Digital Tools for Authors and Illustrators

In today's , there are a slew of unique tools that can make your illustrations and stories come to life in ways that go far beyond the paperback.

Source: 14 Digital Tools for # and

Tech tools for Authors

Ok, so we had something TOTALLY different in mind for today's Authors blog post.  Then...we found this!  lol

It has such good information that Diane K. Bell and I (Becky Norwood) could not resist!

Truthfully, as we scour the internet for tools that make the lives of both our clients and our followers who are either authors on the path to becoming authors, we have come across a LOT of amazing things that will simplify the processes we go through as on our road to authorship.

We now have a bucket full of great tech tools...but we can only share them a little at a time to prevent complete and utter overwhelm!  🙂

Leaving a legacy, building a business, reinventing yourself...the path to authorship is made easier by our Fast Start to Your Book - 12 Week Group Program  Check it out!

Author Showcase: Andy Falco-Jimenez –

Author Showcase: Andy Falco-Jimenez –

Andy Falco-Jimenez Best Selling Author

Andy Falco-Jimenez
Best Selling Author

Andy Falco-Jimenez, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Dog Trainer,  was our recent guest for our "Fast Start to Your Book" 12 Week Group Training Class.  Andy has accomplished much by using the tool of becoming a best selling author and proper marketing techniques.  We chose Andy for our interview to help our students get a feel for the diversity of personalities, walks of life and niches come from.

He has coauthored a book with his eight year old son, and together they have been interviewed for T.V. and radio spots.  What an incredible confidence building experience for his son, Kelly.
We say Andy is a shining example of what smart marketing and heart can do to change your life.

download (4)

This is a book written for both children and adults. There is a wonderful story written just for children and interesting facts and information for the adults. In the children's story, learn how a puppy has a dream to be a police dog and how he follows the advice of his mom and dad.

Then suddenly he gets a chance to prove that he can be Police Dog just like his father and grandfather. These facts will give you (the adult) the tools to answer the questions we are sure your child will have. It will be fun to learn about how fantastic Police Dogs are and do it together with your child.

Police Dogs are so fantastic and we hope you will enjoying learning how they use their nose, speed and smarts to help all of us everyday.

In addition to being a Police K9 handler, Andy has been featured with Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic's "Love my Pit bull" TV Show. He is also a two time number one bestselling author with "Dog Sniff Evidence" and "Dog Training for Fun and Profit". And lastly Andy owns Falco K9 Academy in Yorba Linda, California and they are considered to be the world's premier dog trainers and often referred to "King K9".    Get this book by clicking here

This book has been 30 years in the making. The book is for every dog trainer and pet owner who truly downloadwants a loving and respectful relationship with the dogs they live with or work with.

This method of training addresses many of the missing links you find in so many other dog training systems and methods. It also answers many questions. Andy Falco Jimenez has worked with Pet Dogs, Detection Dogs and Police Dogs for over 30 years.   (Here is the link to The Perfect Dog Training Method)

He has been featured on the Animal Planet, National Geographic and all three major networks in regard to his expertise in dogs and human behavior. He has worked alongside Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) on a show called "Love my Pitbull."

Aldo Cecchi is possibly the best dog trainer in the world. He is the leading trainer in Argentina and has been turning the dog world upside down. The nation's first Champion in Schutzhund and leading expert in pet dog training, detection dogs and Search and Rescue dogs.

Like Andy, Aldo is a former Police, officers who has turned his passion into a successful business. Together Andy and Aldo are taking Falco K9 Academy into the world of training others to be successful in training humans to be better companions and trainers to their dogs.

download (2)




This book is a must read for ANY detection dog handler. Not only are Narcotics Detection Dog Handlers called into court on suppression hearings... ALL Detection Dog Teams have the potential of being called in. You must be prepared and ready to go at any time. This book will give you all the tools you need to be ready for the day you are called into court.

Click Here to Purchase Dog Sniff Evidence





This is the best Detection Dog Manual you find for ALL detection dogs. Whether you are handling a Bed download (3)Bug Dog, Narcotics Dog or Explosives Detection dog... the concepts are all the same. We will teach you to have a more well rounded effective team through good training and more efficient deployments.
(Here the link to Falco K9 Academy Detection Dog Manual)
The Author, Andy Falco Jimenez has been training detection dogs for nearly 30 years. Andy is the President of Falco Enterprises, Inc. a company specializing in the training of humans and their dogs. Andy is also the President of Falco K9 Services, Security and Investigations, a security firm that utilizes dogs in both patrol and detection dog services in addition to other security services. Andy worked as a Police K9 handler from 1989 to 1996 for the Anaheim Police Department in California. During this period Andy became passionate about Police K9 training and dog training in general. After traveling throughout North America and Europe seeking dog training and behavior knowledge, Andy developed Falco K9 Academy in 1995. Since 1990 when he testified as an expert in a narcotics detection case in Los Angeles Federal Court, Andy has continued to be sought after in cases of all types involving dogs. From detection; to use of force; to slip and fall case and Pit Bull fight rings. He has testified and reviewed cases throughout the United States. Andy retired from the police department in 2005 to concentrate on Falco Enterprises, Inc. Andy's expertise has led to contracts with some of the largest companies in the world, including Disney; Rollins, police departments in North America, Argentina, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Andy has also assisted entrepreneurs in the Mold detection industry and Bed Bug Detection industry from coast to coast.

Click here to watch our video interview with Andy 

You can hear his Podcast:
The Fearlessly Successful Podcast at

Also his podcast: Falco's Canine Dog Talk

Follow Andy on Facebook: