21 Smart Book Marketing Strategies to Implement Before You Publish Your Book

21 Smart Book Marketing Strategies to Implement Before You Publish Your Book

Mary Rodman Christian Author/Speaker Used These Smart Book Strategies To Help Her Book Become a Best Seller

Book Marketing Starts BEFORE Publishing

Use these Smart Book Marketing Strategies well before your book is completed. You want to start generating interest and buzz early in the development of you book. These book marketing strategies help create momentum and excitement which leads to more sales and new readers.

These 16 Smart Book Marketing Strategies will turbo-charge you book sales

Cross-Promote and Blog

  1. Start early and be consistent.
  2. Tap into groups of other to cross-promote each other&;s books. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find groups that have other books that are similar to yours.
  3. Start blogging your book...and post your cover on your blog. Regularly post snippets of the content of your book to begin gathering interest. This simple book marketing strategy is highly effective, and helps engage readers and keep them interested.
  4. Ask followers to read your book prior to having it published. This creates excitement and encourages great feedback. Ask these readers to tell others, your goal is to encourage your readers to review your book once it&x27;s published. You can find people to be your "beta readers" from your email list and from social . Be realistic here, not everyone you ask to read your book will.

Publish in Multiple Formats and Develop Your Pricing Strategy

  1. Be sure to publish your book in as many formats as possible. Whether you start out with a Kindle version or paperback doesn&x27;t matter. (I encourage starting with a Kindle version for a number of reasons.) Offering multiple formats will help maximize your sales!
  2. Determine your pricing strategy – If you plan to use discounts or offer your book for free for a limited time at launch, then be sure to plan out your promotions. Contact free digital book sites to get those promotions all lined up!

Brainstorm Your Keywords and Use Them Along with Hashtags

  1. Brainstorm keywords for your book – You&x27;ll want to use these keywords in a number of places. Your book may offer information on a variety of topics, so create a list of those topics, ideas, similar authors, etc. Once your keyword list is created, you&x27;ll want to use them on KDP, in your book’s description, on your blog, in ad campaigns, and in book trailer video titles and descriptions and on various author sites.
  2. Include the keywords that you just brainstormed in your book description on Amazon. Including these keywords in your book’s description can help your book rank better in search engines like Google. Amazon is also a search engine, so including your keywords in your book description, in a tactful and natural manner, will help you rank better within Amazon’s search results as well.
  3. Find hashtags used by readers in your genre/topics – Use Twitter’s search functions and sites like TwiTag.com and Hashtags.org to find hash tags that are used by readers of books like yours. This will help you to find readers to follow as well as give you a good idea of the hashtags you should use when promoting your books on Twitter!

Find Forums, Facebook Groups and Blogs that relate to your book

  1. Find Facebook groups and pages that relate to your book – Using the keyword list you generated before, find Facebook pages and Facebook groups that you can be a part of and contribute to. Be helpful, answer questions, follow the promotions policy of the page/group, and be a helpful contributor. You will gain more fans by being helpful than by constantly promoting your book.
  2. Find forums dedicated to your genre – Are you a romance writer? Find forums that are dedicated to romance books. These forums will often give you direct access to fans, and they will usually allow authors to contribute by having a signature or a post about their books. Connect and be sure to link to your author website when and where you are allowed to.
  3. Find blogs that review books in your genre –There are blogs out there that would love to receive an advance copy of your book to give you a review. Seek out sites that are genre-specific to get a better response rate!
  4. Determine when you are going to launch the book – Just publishing when you are done is a mistake. Figure out when the best day of the week will be to launch , the best time of the month, and if there are any holidays to take into consideration. Give yourself enough time to setup your launch promotions.

Book a Blog Tour and Find Your Fans

  1. Book a blog tour – Seek out blogs that will allow you to write a guest post or share about your book. Imagine the momentum you can gather when you line up 2-3 blogs per day for 2 weeks after your launch. Use your keyword list to find blogs to reach out to. You&x27;ll want to follow their guest post guidelines and be sure to answer any questions in the comment area of the blogs you are featured on!
  2. Brainstorm who your fans are – Much like coming up with keywords, you will want to determine who would love to read your book. Does your main character love her cat? Cat lovers will probably like your book. Does your main character have autism? Reaching out to the autism community would be a good idea. Think about these topics and figure out who would love your book.
  3. Find forums and blogs where your potential fans hang out – Once you&x27;ve identified who your future fans are, then yoo&x27;ll want to find out where they hang out online. Just like the forums and blogs related to your genre from earlier, each site will have different rules, so be sure to find the rules and be a contributing member of the community. These people want to be your avid fans, you just have to introduce them to you and your books!

You&x27;re not obligated to use all of these smart book marketing strategies. You&x27;ll be wise to pick and choose those you find easiest to implement and fit your style.

5 Additional Book Marketing Strategies Often Overlooked By New Authors

Now you&x27;re about ready to publish your book. These next few book marketing strategies are often overlooked by new authors, however they are common in books by more experienced book writers.

Here is a short list of the types of links and information I encourage all my clients to include in the back matter of their books. Your end goal is to draw your readers to your website and encourage them to connect with you on social media.

  1. Insert links to your other books in the back of the book – Your readers will thank you by searching out those links and buying your other books. . You&x27;ll also want to edit and revise your other books to include a link to this new book you are about to publish.
  2. Include links to your website, Facebook page, your Twitter profile, your LinkedIn account and even your YouTube Channel.
  3. If you&x27;re a speaker and/or offer courses to clients, you&x27;ll want to provide a list of your offerings, and how to get in touch with you.
  4. Create a free gift your readers can download from your website by signing up to your mailing list... provide a link to the page with the email sign up form.
  5. Include a “Note from the Author” asking for the reader to post a review – A little prompting may get them to leave a review for you...especially if they found it entertaining or useful!

Once published, you&x27;ll have a powerful marketing engine setup, and you&x27;ll find it will help to keep sales going, and bolster all your future marketing efforts.

How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour or How to Promote Your Book for Free

How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour or How to Promote Your Book for Free

How to Conduct A Virtual Book Tour - How To Promote Your Book For Free (Article 1 of 3 Part Series)

Learning How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour is as easy as riding a bike
Learning How To Conduct A is A Simple As Learning to Ride a Bike

I was recently asked, “ How to conduct a Virtual Book Tour ? “ Actually the question was, two-fold: Do you teach for Free? and if so, What’s the best way to market a book today?

How to Conduct A Virtual Book Tour - Checklist
Pick Up Your Free Checklist - How to Conduct A Virtual Book Tour

I ‘m sitting in a local coffee shop, with one of my friends, another author…We’ve been discussing Book Signing Events and whether or not they’re still as effective as they once were in the world of . You see, as authors, we’re reminiscing about some of the challenges faced by new authors…in particular Christian authors . You see, book signing events can bring exposure and recognition, however, they must be well attended and that’s a challenge! Then there’s the cost of travel and advertising, finding the right venue, etc. They can be expensive and difficult to organize. Unless the Author has a strong following, the turn-out can be a huge disappointment.

A Horror Story No Author Wants to Experience

Over the years, I’ve heard a number of horror stories from my fellow authors devastated by poorly organized events set up on their behalf…but this beats all!

My friend tells me,

“I traveled hundreds and hundreds of miles at my own expense to attend 3 separate Book Signings, set up by my publisher.”

The first was set up in his hometown, the second in the town of his University Alma Mater and frankly, I forgot where the third was setup, I remember only that each was set up in different towns in different states…hundreds and hundreds of miles from each other.

“So you want to hear a real horror story?…I spent my own money, packed my car and drove the seven hundred miles from home to the first event. That one was in my hometown. I get there and my books aren’t there. We’d ordered plenty in advance and they told me they’d be there for this event. Well they weren’t.

I wasn’t too worried. I had a case of books in my trunk. So I go get ‘em and start to put ‘em on the table, and the manager comes over and makes me put them away.

‘You can’t sell those books here’…he says.

Can you believe it? I drove all that way, and I couldn’t even sell my own damn books… books I ‘d already paid for!

Well, it wasn’t much better at the other two events. I mean I drove hundreds of miles to get to them, paid for my hotel, meals, you know you gotta eat…so I’m paying out of pocket for gas, hotels and all … and all I sold was 5 books the whole time. 5 books!”

It ’s that story that led to his questions…and my answers.

How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour

I’m going to outline: How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour. You could subtitle it: How to Promote Your Book for Free. (Pick up your free checklist here.) Virtual Book Tours are an excellent way to share your message and present your book to your ideal audience… without all the expense and headaches of organizing a Book Signing Event.

When you know how to conduct a virtual book tour correctly, you’ll find you can easily share your message, build lasting relationships with key influencers in your niche, drive traffic to your website, and sell more of your books, all while enhancing your own reputation as an Author. Done right…you’ll gain maximum exposure for your book, your message and your business.

Your books are readily available world-wide, because of the internet. To make it even easier for you, Podcast hosts, radio talk show hosts, and bloggers are seeking published and soon-to-be-published authors to interview. Why? Because they’re looking for new and fresh content for their own readers. When they host you, as a new Author, they benefit from your interview as fresh content, and both of you will benefit from new readers.

When you, the Author, know how to conduct a virtual book tour the right way, you’re both going to promote the tour. Your host enjoys new listeners… you gain exposure and a new audience and both of you win! The wonderful part here is your readers and listeners come away with new information about your message, whether it’s your ministry, your Christian novel, or your heart-centered business.

What to Expect when You Learn How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour

  • You’ll sell more books both before and after the tour.
  • Establish your expertise, reputation and platform
  • More traffic to your blog, website, and social networks.
  • Build relationships with other Authors and Experts
  • Gain new readers and reach new audiences.
  • You open the door for speaking engagements, media opportunities, and more guest blogging occasions
  • You’ll attract more readers to your blog and your mailing list
  • You’ll enjoy the benefits of high quality links to your website…links that bring higher traffic counts to your sites and to your book-buying pages.

Pick up your Free Virtual Book Tour Checklist ...now. and ...

Watch for the 2nd Article in this 3 Part Series....Coming Soon

Happy New Year ! My Gift to you…

Happy New Year ! My Gift to you…

Annual Planner

Last week, I updated my favorite planning tool and was reminded how powerful and inspirational it can be when you take the time to work through it. If you really want this year to be your best, be sure to pick this up.

TL Waldof Authors An Untold Story of The Manhattan Project

What does this Facebook post have to do with The Manhattan Project, the highly secret military initiative conducted during World War II ? Keep reading...

This photo belongs to the historical collection is gathering to document her grandfather's biography and his historical role in the development of the atom bomb. , PhD was the leading scientist at the Ames Laboratory located at Iowa State College (University) in 1942. It was Dr. Wilhelm who developed the uranium production methods which made the production of the atom bomb possible... (more…)

Joint Venture With a Handshake – Grow Your Business Fast!

Joint Venture With a Handshake – Grow Your Business Fast!

Grow Your Business with a Handshake

Joint Venture With a Handshake - Grow Your Business Fast!

Wikipedia describes a joint venture as:


joint venture (JV) is a business entity created by two or more parties, generally characterized by shared ownership, shared returns and risks, and shared governance.

A well executed Joint Venture deal is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business ever created!...

Less than 5% of established businesses have entered into such an arrangement.

Suppose for moment,  you've developed a high-end training program teaching others how to become a local business consultant. You're looking to expand your business. What if you could send a letter to the non-buying leads of a much larger company that sells training programs to become a real estate consultant.

An example cited in Forbes, by Patrick Hull outlines the benefits such an arrangement can deliver...to both parties.

"Take the example of a friend of mine ... He was looking to expand his business a few years ago and entered into a JV with a much larger company that sells training programs teaching people how to become a business finance consultant. The company generated thousands of leads a month and had a 7% sales success rate. My friend worked out a deal to have the larger company mail a letter he wrote to all the non-buyers (93% of the leads) at his cost and shared a percentage of the sales. These leads were all people interested in learning a skill – just not the exact one the company offered. He was able to gain access to the leads the other company generated at no cost. Both companies benefited because leads were not wasted and the larger company made additional profits with no additional expense while my friend made a killing with this JV.[] "

You can read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickhull/2013/06/21/joint-ventures-provide-opportunities-for-entrepreneurs

So have you generated a list of leads?

Do you have a sizable customer list?

You can certainly use this asset to grow your business, very quickly.

Why not get a little creative here? . . .You already have a sizable list of loyal customers, right?

Consider offering them a service or perhaps a catalog of services you've negotiated special pricing on, just for your "preferred customers"...you'll be offering them an opportunity to take advantage of special pricing, they'll feel they are really special, and you'll generate more sales for both yourself and your JV partner.

Here's why this works...

Your customers know you and trust you.

When you send a letter endorsing a service or a product, they trust your endorsement...they are three times more likely to purchase from your recommendation than if the owner of that particular product or service offered it to them directly.

Here's a few more reasons to consider why joint ventures are so successful.

You're sharing resources...mailing lists, products and services, therefore there is absolutely NO ADVERTISING COST.

You can turn it around and have your JV partner send your endorsement to their list...their loyal customers respond just as yours did to his offer.

You are developing new customers, clients to whom you can now offer additional products and services.

You can easily set up a Joint Venture and create large profitable windfalls for both parties in a relatively short time.

When done correctly, Joint Ventures are profitable for both partners.

Here's just a short list of possible JV Partnerships:

  • Car Wash/Auto Detailer/Car Parts Store
  • Moving Company/Storage Units
  • Tackle Shop/Fishing Guide
  • Wedding Planner/Photographer/Prenuptial Attorney
  • Equine Vet/Saddle Blanket Maker/Farrier Service
  • Tree Saw Manufacturer/Skid Steer Manufacturer
  • Home builders/Landscapers/furniture stores/Pool builders
  • Chiropractor/Massage Therapist

Getting the picture?

Ask yourself...

What other services and products do your customers buy either before or after they buy your services?

What products or services would enhance their enjoyment of your product or service?

Who sells a product you have the perfect companion to?

Who are your competitors? Don't rule them out...you may be able to offer your product services to their non-buyers and vice versa. You may even be able to package both services for a remarkable value.

Who sells to customers who fit your customer profile?...They may offer completely unrelated products or services, but their customers are perfect for you...What are their hobbies?...Their net worth?...Where do they live?

Once you identify potential JV partners, you can contact them with your idea.

My clients know the success of  your joint venture is limited only by your creativity .

So let's take a look at the five ways to Joint Venture:

1.    You joint venture with another business and supply the products or services.
2.    You joint venture with another business that supplies products or services to your customers.
3.    Your company can license or set up reseller deals with other companies so you both profit
4.    You acquire the rights to someone else's product, as a certified reseller or licensee
5.    You connect one company with another that desperately needs the product or services of the other--as the middleman.

When you're ready to contact your potential JV partner, if you know them personally, the best approach is in person if possible. Otherwise, simply pick up the phone and call them.

If you don't know them personally, you'll want to contact them first by phone, postal letter, or an express mail package. I discourage the use of email for the first contact...it's simply too impersonal and unreliable.

If contacting by phone, you want to keep your introduction brief and explain the benefit of your idea to their customer and to them.

If by letter, of course, your first concern is getting your letter opened. Let your prospect know how your product will benefit both them and their customer. Suggest they act quickly since you'll be contacting other companies in the future.

When creating your offer, you'll want to develop a deal your Joint Venture partner will find impossible to pass on.

The best way to do that?...You want to put together an offer so unique your market can't resist it. You want to build in value and offer it at a great price.

Be sure to build in the value for your JV Partner. You'll want to make a list of everything that's in it for them. What are their benefits? What will the profit split be?

Explain your role. How you will do everything, including taking on the risk. They have no investment to make.

One very effective approach:  "What we like to do, is work with other companies on a joint venture basis to do X;Y and Z. Do you have a moment to talk to me about it?"

Remember: Sell the Results, Not the Process.

Give your prospective partner a timeline.

If they have an interest, I recommend you send a non-disclosure agreement prior to sending your proposal. By doing so, you position your proposal as having greater value, as well as protecting your ideas.

Keep the deal simple. Focus on the benefits to your JV partner and their customer.  Follow through and have fun!

Discover how to publish your book and become a 1 Best Selling Author. Contact Diane at : diane@PublishYourselftoWealth.com


Diane K. Bell is a Certified Publisher and a multiple 1 International Best-Selling Author. Her passion is mentoring new business owners and showing fellow women entrepreneurs the power of promoting themselves and their businesses through publishing and product creation. You can find Diane’s books on Amazon at: http://bit.ly/DianeKBell







Legends & Lies Of The New York Times BestSeller List

Legends & Lies Of The New York Times BestSeller List

legends&lies of NYT Best Sellers List

Bill O’Reilly’s personal story brings up a real issue for all everywhere.

His story (aired on Fox News) emphasizes a fatal flaw in the way books are listed on New York Times list. This isn’t the first time this flaw has been pointed out by the in recent times.

Tim Grahl, posted an article in the Observer in February of this year, pointing out the “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” when he referred to the NYT selection process for its bestseller list.

O’Reilly noted the failure of his newest book, “Legends & Lies: The Patriots”, to reach on the famed New York Times best seller list despite selling more (14,500 more) books, than “The Gene”, which was listed Number one in the same week.


********** The video has been removed from the site, however, I found this transcript

Is the NY Times Best-Seller List Honest?
The Factor alleged that something is amiss with the New York Times important best-seller list. The new book "Legends & Lies: The Patriots' debuted at 1 on the Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly lists, but it is number six on the Times list. Also, 'Legends & Lies' has sold far more books than 'The Gene,' which tops the Times list. The Times editor refused an invitation to appear, but two publishing experts spoke about the list. "The Times plays games all the time with many of our books," groused Marji Ross of Regnery Publishing, "and many of our authors have experienced the same thing you have experienced." consultant Tim Grahl agreed that the Times list is questionable. "They're selecting the data that fulfills what they are looking for, they are sampling the stores to make sure that the list leans the way they want it to list. The New York Times best-seller list should have a big asterisk!"

Here’s how it seems to work:

The New York Times samples its own list of book sellers across the country. According to Tim’s article, a small group of people determine the data and criteria used to select the list.
Now here’s the interesting part, apparently if your book is written with a conservative slant there appears to be evidence your book will rank lower on the list and drop off faster than one written with a more liberal slant…and it’s not always about the actual number of books sold. One other thing, the list segregates digital books and print copies.  (You can find the full article here: http://observer.com/2016/02/the-truth-about-the-new-york-times-and-wall-street-journal-bestseller-lists/ )

Why does this matter to you as an author? Because a BestSeller listing means more book sales, more speaking gigs and more money.

My advice:

1. Focus on your audience and your reader.

2. Leverage Amazon: reach bestseller and leverage your status

3. Be sure to place your book in every format possible, everywhere possible.

You’ll want to be sure you make it available on Amazon as a Kindle book, as well as print…and don’t forget about audio. Audio books can outsell print or digital books as much as 60%.

Diane K. Bell is an award-winning 1 best selling author passionate about helping others achieve bestseller status and sell more books. Want to launch your own book to Seller? Contact Diane at 303-242-4461.