Discover Guest Blogging : How To Market Your Book & Get Backlinks |

Discover Guest Blogging : How To Market Your Book & Get Backlinks |

Guest Blogging: How To Get Backlinks & Market Your Book

A simple step by step how to market your book guide to get you started right. I wanted to post the benefits of guest blogging, however, when I found this article, I was compelled to share it with you. Follow the advice of this article, and you'll be well on your way to understanding one of the most effective free# tools you can use...

Here is an easy, free 10 step plan to get started as a guest posting blogger.How to Guest Blog - Step by Step Plan!

Follow these steps and you will be able to submit guest posts to top blogs and get backlinks that will increase your website’s search engine ranking.

Have you tried guest blogging? If you've published your book, we'd love to host your story, and highlight your journey. Post your request and topic below, and we'll get back to you right away.

Let’s Hold A Facebook Party and Celebrate Your Book !

Let’s Hold A Facebook Party and Celebrate Your Book !

Now that you are a , how can you get the word out about your book? What about holding a Facebook party ? Sound like fun?

Award-winning novelist, Beth Barany provides some great tips and tells how she organized her facebook party:

A number of my colleagues have hosted Facebook events to promote their books and announce the release of their books,however, I really like calling it a party!...and inviting other too... So why not, connect with other authors in your genre and host a party.

If your book helps authors, experts, or professionals write, market or build authority, post below and let's host a party together!

Read the Beth's full article here:

How to Market Your Book for Free with a Facebook Party -

Here are tips to run a successful Facebook party for your book.

1. Length of time: Most Facebook parties are run on one day. I’ve seen parties that run from 9 am to 9 pm Pacific (12 noon to 12 midnight Eastern). I think that’s a bit long. I ran my party from 2 pm to 6 pm Pacific (5 pm to 9 pm Eastern), only four hours. I like that short amount of time because that allowed most of my guests to participate the whole time.

2. Have special guests: What makes this party so much fun is that you don’t do it alone. By that I mean you get special guests—other authors—to come to your party and also give away prizes. In the several Facebook parties that I participated in I was asked as a guest. I was there to celebrate that author’s new release and also to offer a giveaway, usually an e-book copy of one of my books that related in some way to the authors book.

Simple First Steps to Start Marketing Your Book

Simple First Steps to Start Marketing Your Book

Here's a simple list to Start Marketing Your Book, even before it's written:

  • Join a Facebook group with other Author's and cross-promote each other's books
  • Post samples of your content on your blog and on the Authors Book Marketing Network Facebook page
  • Post your Cover on your blog and the Authors Book Marketing Network Facebook page
  • Send your draft to friends to get feedback on your content
  • Start thinking about your monetization strategy...What products will you offer your readers?
  • What keywords are you going to use in your book title or your subtitle?
  • Research hashtags (#) other readers in your genre are using
  • Discover other Facebook groups/pages that relate to your field of interest and your book
  • Discover Blogs that review books in your genre
  • Find Forums and Discussion groups where your readers/fans may hang out
  • Book a
  • Include your new title as:  Author of "The Name of Your Book"  in your email signature
Book Awards List  – Submissions Open for You To Consider

Book Awards List – Submissions Open for You To Consider

Here's a Partial List of Book Awards... from the Association of Independent

Now that your book is a "best-seller",  imagine the impact a highly coveted book award can have on your sales, your reputation and your ability to get booked as a guest on podcasts, radio and speaking gigs... The list below is just a partial listing of those awards now open for submission.



Example: The Perfect Book Sales Page

Example: The Perfect Book Sales Page

Imagine Your on This Page...

As many of you know, I've been developing a Best Selling Author's Directory... to help you showcase your best selling books. When I saw this layout, I had to show you.

This was recently posted by Tom Morkes on his blog, so credit goes to him for this book sales page example.

Would you like to have your best selling books showcased in this manner?
If so, please comment below

If you want to sell your best sellingbooks, then you need the perfect book sales page. Here's how to create one.

Source: The Perfect Book Sales Page by Tom Morkes