21 Smart Book Marketing Strategies to Implement Before You Publish Your Book

21 Smart Book Marketing Strategies to Implement Before You Publish Your Book

Mary Rodman Christian Author/Speaker Used These Smart Book Strategies To Help Her Book Become a Best Seller

Book Marketing Starts BEFORE Publishing

Use these Smart Book Marketing Strategies well before your book is completed. You want to start generating interest and buzz early in the development of you book. These book marketing strategies help create momentum and excitement which leads to more sales and new readers.

These 16 Smart Book Marketing Strategies will turbo-charge you book sales

Cross-Promote and Blog

  1. Start early and be consistent.
  2. Tap into groups of other to cross-promote each other&;s books. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find groups that have other books that are similar to yours.
  3. Start blogging your book...and post your cover on your blog. Regularly post snippets of the content of your book to begin gathering interest. This simple book marketing strategy is highly effective, and helps engage readers and keep them interested.
  4. Ask followers to read your book prior to having it published. This creates excitement and encourages great feedback. Ask these readers to tell others, your goal is to encourage your readers to review your book once it&x27;s published. You can find people to be your "beta readers" from your email list and from social . Be realistic here, not everyone you ask to read your book will.

Publish in Multiple Formats and Develop Your Pricing Strategy

  1. Be sure to publish your book in as many formats as possible. Whether you start out with a Kindle version or paperback doesn&x27;t matter. (I encourage starting with a Kindle version for a number of reasons.) Offering multiple formats will help maximize your sales!
  2. Determine your pricing strategy – If you plan to use discounts or offer your book for free for a limited time at launch, then be sure to plan out your promotions. Contact free digital book sites to get those promotions all lined up!

Brainstorm Your Keywords and Use Them Along with Hashtags

  1. Brainstorm keywords for your book – You&x27;ll want to use these keywords in a number of places. Your book may offer information on a variety of topics, so create a list of those topics, ideas, similar authors, etc. Once your keyword list is created, you&x27;ll want to use them on KDP, in your book’s description, on your blog, in ad campaigns, and in book trailer video titles and descriptions and on various author sites.
  2. Include the keywords that you just brainstormed in your book description on Amazon. Including these keywords in your book’s description can help your book rank better in search engines like Google. Amazon is also a search engine, so including your keywords in your book description, in a tactful and natural manner, will help you rank better within Amazon’s search results as well.
  3. Find hashtags used by readers in your genre/topics – Use Twitter’s search functions and sites like TwiTag.com and Hashtags.org to find hash tags that are used by readers of books like yours. This will help you to find readers to follow as well as give you a good idea of the hashtags you should use when promoting your books on Twitter!

Find Forums, Facebook Groups and Blogs that relate to your book

  1. Find Facebook groups and pages that relate to your book – Using the keyword list you generated before, find Facebook pages and Facebook groups that you can be a part of and contribute to. Be helpful, answer questions, follow the promotions policy of the page/group, and be a helpful contributor. You will gain more fans by being helpful than by constantly promoting your book.
  2. Find forums dedicated to your genre – Are you a romance writer? Find forums that are dedicated to romance books. These forums will often give you direct access to fans, and they will usually allow authors to contribute by having a signature or a post about their books. Connect and be sure to link to your author website when and where you are allowed to.
  3. Find blogs that review books in your genre –There are blogs out there that would love to receive an advance copy of your book to give you a review. Seek out sites that are genre-specific to get a better response rate!
  4. Determine when you are going to launch the book – Just publishing when you are done is a mistake. Figure out when the best day of the week will be to launch , the best time of the month, and if there are any holidays to take into consideration. Give yourself enough time to setup your launch promotions.

Book a Blog Tour and Find Your Fans

  1. Book a blog tour – Seek out blogs that will allow you to write a guest post or share about your book. Imagine the momentum you can gather when you line up 2-3 blogs per day for 2 weeks after your launch. Use your keyword list to find blogs to reach out to. You&x27;ll want to follow their guest post guidelines and be sure to answer any questions in the comment area of the blogs you are featured on!
  2. Brainstorm who your fans are – Much like coming up with keywords, you will want to determine who would love to read your book. Does your main character love her cat? Cat lovers will probably like your book. Does your main character have autism? Reaching out to the autism community would be a good idea. Think about these topics and figure out who would love your book.
  3. Find forums and blogs where your potential fans hang out – Once you&x27;ve identified who your future fans are, then yoo&x27;ll want to find out where they hang out online. Just like the forums and blogs related to your genre from earlier, each site will have different rules, so be sure to find the rules and be a contributing member of the community. These people want to be your avid fans, you just have to introduce them to you and your books!

You&x27;re not obligated to use all of these smart book marketing strategies. You&x27;ll be wise to pick and choose those you find easiest to implement and fit your style.

5 Additional Book Marketing Strategies Often Overlooked By New Authors

Now you&x27;re about ready to publish your book. These next few book marketing strategies are often overlooked by new authors, however they are common in books by more experienced book writers.

Here is a short list of the types of links and information I encourage all my clients to include in the back matter of their books. Your end goal is to draw your readers to your website and encourage them to connect with you on social media.

  1. Insert links to your other books in the back of the book – Your readers will thank you by searching out those links and buying your other books. . You&x27;ll also want to edit and revise your other books to include a link to this new book you are about to publish.
  2. Include links to your website, Facebook page, your Twitter profile, your LinkedIn account and even your YouTube Channel.
  3. If you&x27;re a speaker and/or offer courses to clients, you&x27;ll want to provide a list of your offerings, and how to get in touch with you.
  4. Create a free gift your readers can download from your website by signing up to your mailing list... provide a link to the page with the email sign up form.
  5. Include a “Note from the Author” asking for the reader to post a review – A little prompting may get them to leave a review for you...especially if they found it entertaining or useful!

Once published, you&x27;ll have a powerful marketing engine setup, and you&x27;ll find it will help to keep sales going, and bolster all your future marketing efforts.

How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour or How to Promote Your Book for Free (Part 2 of 3 Part Series)

How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour or How to Promote Your Book for Free (Part 2 of 3 Part Series)

How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour or How to Promote Your Book For Free
How To Conduct a and Reach Millions of Readers for Free (Photographer: Miguel Henriques | Source: Unsplash)

How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour or How to Promote Your Book for Free (Article 2)

In this 2nd Article, How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour you&x27;re going to learn the types of tours you can arrange and discover How to Promote Your Book for Free

This Article could easily be re-titled to read: How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour and Reach Millions of Readers For Free - All from the Comfort of Your Living Room

You can read the First Article in this series here: How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour or How to Promote Your Book for Free

As I&;ve already outlined, there are a number benefits to learning how to conduct a Virtual Book Tour. So this article will focus on the different types of tours you&x27;ll want to consider. Each Virtual Book Tour is designed to accomplish a slightly different end goal within a different time-frame. You can easily create your own virtual tour to meet your individual lifestyle, needs and time-frames. I encourage you to experiment and come up with your own method to promote your book for free.

How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour - Types of Tours

1. Traditional Virtual Book Tour

Virtual Book Tours done in the traditional manner tend to be short term…lasting from one to three weeks, with a different tour stop each day. You want to provide each of your tour hosts with original content. The benefit? You can promote your tour (your blog posts) even after it is over. Now to the next step : How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour...

2. Extended Virtual Book Tour

An extended Virtual Book Tour can last several months with tour stops scheduled every day or several days a week.Be prepared to post a series of articles on each of the blogs you visit. Typically you would need to plan to visit one blog a week and post anywhere from three to five posts on each blog. Your goal is to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, (for nonfiction writers). Your aim is continuous exposure, so mix it up a bit…. You can conduct podcast interviews, radio spot interviews, craft social posts, and post a blog a week on an ongoing basis.

3. Blast-Off Tour

A blastoff tour is generally a short tour that tends to last between one to five days. It is designed to help you increase your book sales and boost your Amazon ranking in a short period of time. You will post on numerous blogs at once as well as appear in multiple podcast and radio show interviews each day. This can be rigorous and demanding, however, if you plan your content well in advance, it can be very rewarding, as well.

4. Social Media Tour

A Social Media tour is just that !…This entire tour is designed around social media or a mix of social media appearances including Twitter chats, Facebook Live, discussions on pages, groups and profiles, Google Plus hangouts, and even Live Casts. This type of tour typically works well for an author that has already established a strong social media presence. If you don’t have one, choose Tour Hosts that already have a strong following.

5. Combined Virtual Book Tour/Best Selling Book Launch Campaign

Here&x27;s another "HOW TO conduct a virtual book tour approach". Simply coincide your well organized virtual book tour with your Best Selling Amazon book launch. Doing so can result in a large number of sales in a short period of time.

Here’s How to Create a Combined Virtual Book Tour with Your Best Seller Book Launch:

First, You’ll want to invite a group of partners, with each agreeing to donate an item of value - some good examples include: A free video training course, a free report or ebook, or even a podcast interview. Each of these partners must agree to send an email to their mailing list on the same day with the invitation to purchase your book on Amazon on your specified launch day. (It’s best to draft a series of 3 emails for your partners to send, sequentially. These emails will send them to a special landing page with your Amazon buy button and instructions to enter their Amazon receipt number .) Upon doing so, they will receive all the free bonuses you and your partners have contributed.

Set up properly, your partners benefit, because your book buyers will contact them to take advantage of their contribution…and you benefit from more book sales AND additional exposure to your partners’ lists.

Avoid overwhelm by being well-prepared, well in advance. This technique works best for Non-Fiction Books…however, you’ll want to be creative with your Virtual Book Tour and build it to suit your situation and your personality.

What a successful Virtual Book Tour can do for you:

  • You can share highlights of your book with potential book buyers- They get to review excerpts, even chapters of your book.
  • Non-fiction writers can easily advance your authority and highlight your expertise by posting your content across a broad spectrum of websites and social media platforms
  • You’ll get people talking about your book and sharing!
  • Book reviews by your tour hosts, provides even more exposure, and builds your reputation.
  • You’ll benefit from “implied endorsement” … from the established experts hosting you on their blog, podcast, radio shows, livecasts and on their social media platforms.
  • More exposure…more potential readers
  • Your posts, videos, interviews, etc. will bring more traffic as time goes on, as they remain online indefinitely.
  • You’ll begin to build strong long-lasting relationships with other experts, leading to more opportunities.
  • Done well, you’ll reach best selling status on Amazon.

Your Free Virtual Book Tour Checklist is Free: Pick it up now!

Pick Up Your Free Virtual Book Tour Checklist Now, While It&x27;s Still Free

(Pick up your free checklist here.)

Watch for Part Three of this Series...Coming Soon

Discover Guest Blogging : How To Market Your Book & Get Backlinks | PublishYourselfToWealth.com

Discover Guest Blogging : How To Market Your Book & Get Backlinks | PublishYourselfToWealth.com

Guest Blogging: How To Get Backlinks & Market Your Book

A simple step by step how to market your book guide to get you started right. I wanted to post the benefits of guest blogging, however, when I found this article, I was compelled to share it with you. Follow the advice of this article, and you'll be well on your way to understanding one of the most effective free# tools you can use...

Here is an easy, free 10 step plan to get started as a guest posting blogger.How to Guest Blog - Step by Step Plan!

Follow these steps and you will be able to submit guest posts to top blogs and get backlinks that will increase your website’s search engine ranking.

Have you tried guest blogging? If you've published your book, we'd love to host your story, and highlight your journey. Post your request and topic below, and we'll get back to you right away.

Let’s Hold A Facebook Party and Celebrate Your Book !

Let’s Hold A Facebook Party and Celebrate Your Book !

Now that you are a , how can you get the word out about your book? What about holding a Facebook party ? Sound like fun?

Award-winning novelist, Beth Barany provides some great tips and tells how she organized her facebook party:

A number of my colleagues have hosted Facebook events to promote their books and announce the release of their books,however, I really like calling it a party!...and inviting other too... So why not, connect with other authors in your genre and host a party.

If your book helps authors, experts, or professionals write, market or build authority, post below and let's host a party together!

Read the Beth's full article here:


How to Market Your Book for Free with a Facebook Party -

Here are tips to run a successful Facebook party for your book.

1. Length of time: Most Facebook parties are run on one day. I’ve seen parties that run from 9 am to 9 pm Pacific (12 noon to 12 midnight Eastern). I think that’s a bit long. I ran my party from 2 pm to 6 pm Pacific (5 pm to 9 pm Eastern), only four hours. I like that short amount of time because that allowed most of my guests to participate the whole time.

2. Have special guests: What makes this party so much fun is that you don’t do it alone. By that I mean you get special guests—other authors—to come to your party and also give away prizes. In the several Facebook parties that I participated in I was asked as a guest. I was there to celebrate that author’s new release and also to offer a giveaway, usually an e-book copy of one of my books that related in some way to the authors book.

Simple First Steps to Start Marketing Your Book

Simple First Steps to Start Marketing Your Book

Here's a simple list to Start Marketing Your Book, even before it's written:

  • Join a Facebook group with other Author's and cross-promote each other's books
  • Post samples of your content on your blog and on the Authors Book Marketing Network Facebook page
  • Post your Cover on your blog and the Authors Book Marketing Network Facebook page
  • Send your draft to friends to get feedback on your content
  • Start thinking about your monetization strategy...What products will you offer your readers?
  • What keywords are you going to use in your book title or your subtitle?
  • Research hashtags (#) other readers in your genre are using
  • Discover other Facebook groups/pages that relate to your field of interest and your book
  • Discover Blogs that review books in your genre
  • Find Forums and Discussion groups where your readers/fans may hang out
  • Book a
  • Include your new title as:  Author of "The Name of Your Book"  in your email signature