Monday Mindset…Implementing an Awesome Productivity Tool

Monday Mindset…Implementing an Awesome Productivity Tool

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Here we are in August...and the first Monday of the month!  Our Monday theme for our blog is all about Mindset, and each week we post interesting articles from Mindset Masters that we feel will be food for thought.

Today, though we feel that it is time to speak from the heart. We are eleven weeks into our first 12 week group training course that guides aspiring on their journey to authorship.  We've learned so much about ourselves and our fact our students have taught us as well.

We also have clients we work with regularly who are in some phase of writing their books and/or growing their business.  We observe and consult with them to help them either get back on track or stay on track.

We can say that is is no different for us.  Every week on Wednesday's I babysit my 3 year old grandson, and have been since he was 3 years old.  With 5 grown kids and 8 grandkids, there is always the "life" that happens...from health issues, vacations, divorce, to all that life can bring to a family.  Diane's husband is retired, and while she can get immersed in her work, she finds that he both needs and demands her attention to other family details.  She too has a large blended family with kids all across the U.S.  There's been moving and adoption of grandchildren....the list goes on.

Accounting for the ebb and flow of life, yes we can get off track.  The issue is getting back on track and keeping some sort of consistency, order and routine...all of which has something to do with our mindset.

Add to this, there are the other stress factors that we all go through that can overwhelm.  It's the overwhelm with all there is to learn, overwhelm with the technical parts of our digital world that are constantly changing, and the overwhelm of simply getting it all done.

The key here is that we make a concerted effort to move past the overwhelm into making progress on a regular basis, in fact daily.

It truly is about our this case the mindset is to put systems into place that will help alleviate the overwhelm.  Do you need a virtual assistant?  Does your office need to be organized?  Do you recognize that some things you indeed excel in, while others...well..not so much.

We have some resources we want to share with you in hopes that implementing a few of these organizational tools...(with more to come in the next few weeks), well help create an organized and accomplished mindset for success.

Resource Rolodex

Tools and resources can not only boost our productivity and help us get organized, they can also inspire us and restore enthusiasm for once-dreary tasks.

In addition to old favorites such as social media managers like Hootsuite and To Do list software or apps such as Evernote, check out this cool resource to help you de-clutter your business—and your life.

's Awesome Productivity

I am writing to tell you about an amazing product called the Action Enforcer, which guarantees to DOUBLE your productivity!

So much more than a calendar or day timer, it allows you to plan, monitor and schedule all areas of your life at once and it is highly customizable.  With the help of the Action Enforcer, you’ll be able to rev your productivity engine in no time flat!

A calendar or day timer is static: It only lets you enter tasks and events and it’s up to you to actually remember to do them or attend them. The Awesome Productivity software, on the other hand, can remain open on your desktop in the background (it takes barely any memory) and it will remind you with an audible alarm when it is time to do tasks during the day.

You can also set up multiple timers (groups) containing different types of tasks (and set the alarm tones to a tone of your choosing—as well as tick off each task with a big green checkmark when it’s done.

Get into the habit of sitting down, making your to-do list and entering the day’s tasks—personal and business—into our Awesome Productivity action enforcer every morning, and your day will run more smoothly.

With the help of the Action Enforcer, you can expect to learn all of the following (and then some):

● How to laugh in the face of procrastination
● Proven tricks to sharpen your focus and get your brain storming
● Effective tips to let you take control of time rather than have time control you
● And 23 other proven strategies to help you take more action each and every day with the BONUS “Action Unleashed”

The Action Enforcer comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk whatsoever!  Better yet, the cost is only $27.00!


Do You Have a Growth Mindset?  Mindset Monday

Do You Have a Growth Mindset? Mindset Monday

is everything. If that statement seems too strong, consider that we bring these basic assumptions to every decision and action we make. Left unexamined, they may unnecessarily restrict us or lead us in the wrong direction altogether. Perception may not truly be reality, but when it comes to how we approach challenges and opportunities, […]

Source: Do You Have a Growth Mindset? - HBR

wealthyauthors  Publish Yourself to Wealth has themed their blogging efforts.  Mindset Monday is our opportunity to discuss a key factor to the success of all of our efforts.  If we are stuck, then it is time to assess where we are and try a different outlook, a different approach, maybe a fresh and renewing start.

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4 Gritty Traits that Pave the Road to Happiness

4 Gritty Traits that Pave the Road to Happiness

We must encounter frustration and failure to enjoy success. Wait... what? It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? In today’s business world, mistakes can be

Source: 4 Gritty Traits that Pave the Road to Happiness | Addicted 2 Success

We came across this article and felt it is a perfect post for our Mindset Monday.  The proper mindset is the key that can make or break ANY endeavor we have set our hearts on.

There will be the obstacles on the road to authorship.  There will be the learning curve, an ever changing digital world, life in general, and a multiple of other things that can stand in our way.  We hope you all enjoy this article.

Mindset Monday:  How to Recharge Your Mental Batteries

Mindset Monday: How to Recharge Your Mental Batteries

Rush, rush, rush. Too much to do. Too little time! Did you ever hear the old phrase, “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!”? Here is what it means. It means that when you’re not taking “mind breaks” your thought processes get sluggish, your deci-sion-making becomes more difficult, and your creativity goes down the drain.  (Read the rest of this by clicking here)

Source: How to Recharge Your Mental Batteries :: San Diego Business Coach | Miguel de Jesus, Be Successful! Personal Coaching – San Diego Life Coach | Miguel de Jesus Business Coaching


Miguel A. De Jesus is my mentor and a man I deeply respect for his wisdom, his kindness and his friendship.  I can think of nothing better than to showcase his knowledge and expertise here for our Mindeset Monday blog series.

Miguel's webite is:


Best Selling Author: Miguel A. de Jesus


Let Your Emotional Intelligence Do the Talking download (20)

(Be sure to click on the book images above to purchase his books on Amazon.)

Miguel A. de Jesús is a highly-accomplished, results-oriented C-level leader with more than 20 years experience overseeing business management, global sales/marketing, with two Fortune 500 companies.

He is a Sales Leadership Training professional, Executive Coach, Digital Marketing professional who helps business leaders, authors, speakers, coaches and other professionals to improve their Digital Marketing efforts to gain more visitors, leads, and client conversions through the use of proprietary software.

Miguel is in a partnership with Steve Siebold, Keynote Speaker and author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. Steve is the founder of the Mental Toughness University Program.

In his role as a Fortune 500 executive, and an associate of Steve's, Miguel has been able to help corporations improve sales and leadership results, and has trained in excess of 25,000 sales people in Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Harrah's Entertainment, Proctor & Gamble, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

Miguel says: "My passion is in working with business owners and leaders who want to make better decisions, becoming better leaders, getting better results, in a healthy organization."

What do you do to recharge your mental batteries?  What do you do when you need a mind break?

We encourage and welcome your comments!


Mindset Monday:  Attitude and a Stick to it Mentality

Mindset Monday: Attitude and a Stick to it Mentality

smaller wealth picYou must attach a strong emotional reason for creating your vision.

As you embark on this path to authorship, you will undoubtedly face obstacles.  It is a given.  It is our intention to help you build your prosperity platform, with your book being simply the starting point, the springboard to greater opportunities.  These opportunities will be different for each student, and will depend on many factors.  There will be opportunities for more business clients, speaking engagements, building products that make money while you sleep, joint ventures and more!

We wanted to address the as we begin this journey together simply as a reminder that great things can and will happen based on attitude and a stick to it mentality.

Knowing what you don't want is not enough. You must know what your do want! Is your desire strong enough to keep you moving toward your goal? Your reasons to get there must be stronger than the challenges of the road ahead.

The most successful people regardless of background, sex, credentials or experience, understand that having effective strategies to build their business is only part of the equation.  They understand that most of their results come from having an empowered mindset first and foremost.  This is what allows them to follow through and effectively apply the strategies that create the growth and impact they desire.

Here are seven of the most common character traits of the most successful:

1- They have incredibly high standards for themselves, their product, their customer service, staff and customers. - They often believe more in their customers than their customers believe in themselves.  Standards aren't created when things are going well. They show up when times are tough.  They also show when you are confronted with things you don't necessarily want to do, but are the right things for your business and your customers. 

2- They are focused first and foremost on the customer.  They got into business because they really care about people.  They are driven by a strong desire to empower others to create the lives they truly want.  They care more about their customers than they do about their actual products and services.  As a result, they are able to put aside their egos. 

3- They are committed to continued education.  They are readers.  They never stop learning and constantly feet their minds with quality information, both about their field and others as well. 

4- They employ a "Zero Negativity Policy"  They simply do not tolerate bad days, negative thoughts or negative behaviors that do not support the business.  This is not to say that everything is perfect, but when something inevitably goes awry they don't dwell on it.  

5- They have a powerful vision and clarity of purpose.  They maintain their vision in face of the challenges they experience along the way.  Their vision excites and inspires those around them to be a part of it.  They cultivate an attitude of abundance, allowing them to see opportunities when they appear and operate from a mindset of prosperity rather than scarcity.

6- They've experienced several real failures on their road to success.  It's not the absence of failure that is the measure of success, it's the ability to take those failures and learn from them to produce better results in the future.  This requires the ability to take calculated risks and also to have an incredible level of self honesty.

7- They value contribution and service to others above all else.  They recognize that their success becomes a responsibility to give back, both with time and money and by empowering others to improve the quality of their lives.  They follow their words with actions and "pay it forward" truly making the world a better place.  

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he...You are the master of your thought, the molder of your character, and the maker and shaper of your condition, environment and destiny."  James Allen, author of "As a Man Thinketh" (1902)

"Learn to love, respect and enjoy other people."  Dale Carnegie, author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936) 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve."  Napoleon Hill author of "Think and Grow Rich" (1937)

"Believe it is possible to solve your problem.  Tremendous things happen to the believer.  So believe the answer will come.  It will."  Norman Vincent Peale, author of "The Power of Positive Thinking” (1952)

"You become what you think about."  Earl Nightingale, author of "The Strangest Secret” (audio recording) (1956)

"Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems; wish for more skills.  Don't wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom."  Jim Rohn, author of "Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle" (1991)

"It's in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped.  Choose well."  Anthony Robbins, author of "Unlimited Power” (1986)

The Bottom Line:  What patterns do you notice in the quotes above?  Become a student of personal development to ensure personal growth and happiness, along with your professional development.