21 Social Media Engagement Tactics To Grow Audience

21 Social Media Engagement Tactics To Grow Audience

Improve and increase social media engagement with your followers, and grow the number of subscribers to your various social media profiles. Read now.

Source: 21 Social Media Engagement Tactics To Grow Audience

As we work with our clients and students, we find that there is a lot of overwhelm with understanding how to use social media to grow their list of followers.  We really like this content from CoSchedule!

We likewise use Coschedule to automate part of our own processes with social media...you may want to check them out!

Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit for Direct Messages

Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit for Direct Messages

Social media news and new developments making social media marketing easier. (# Direct Messages, Google Hangouts, Facebook Audience Network)

Source: Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit for Direct Messages: This Week in Social Media Social Media Examiner

In our constantly changing digital world of social media, "if you don't like the weather...wait five minutes" describes the ebb and flow of our world of marketing our business.

It's all good...but it is also very important to stay informed!

What do you think of these changes?

Using Facebook to Market Your Book?

Using Facebook to Market Your Book?


Source: Facebook Frenzy! - Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

"Facebook Frenzy – are you using Facebook to market your book? If not, you certainly should be. Check out these important Facebook stats and tips on the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn!" - See this interesting post we found on Author Marketing Experts!

We all know that marketing is an integral part of success for authors.  It is not enough to simply write the book...we can guarantee that no matter how good it is, without consistent and well thought out marketing, your book will indeed get lost in the cobwebs of cyberspace!

Don't let that happen!  Social Media is just one of the tools you can use.  Learn which is a fit for you, and if you do nothing else, use one and learn how to use it to your advantage.

Supporting Customers Using Facebook

Supporting Customers Using Facebook

# Marketing Podcast 153, in this episode Mari Smith will explore how to use Facebook for customer service and support.

Source: Supporting Customers With Facebook: What Businesses Need to Know Social Media Examiner

Mari-Smith-FB-Business-Page (1)

This is an informative article and podcast served to you courtesy of Social Media Examiner.  We follow their blog and share often because of the vast wealth of valuable information they provide that can help us grow our business and promote our books as authors.


Becky Norwood and Diane K. Bell

Creating Social Media Images That Support Your Brand

Creating Social Media Images That Support Your Brand

Are you getting maximum results from your ? This article shows how to help your audience associate your #### images with your brand.

Source: How to Create Social Media Images That Support Your Brand Social Media Examiner


We share this as part of our Blogging adventure.  There is so much valuable content spread across the internet and it is impossible to be the "know it all."  Each of us as have a full plate when it comes to skillfully marketing both our books and the businesses we are building.

Social Media plays a huge role in exposure.  We felt that this article would be a valuable contribution to our followers.  Branding plays a key role in gaining recognition and familiarity with your followers.

Fonts, colors and layouts are all design elements that play a huge role in making your company’s images stand out. If one of your social media goals is to increase your brand recognition and drive more people to your business, effective design tactics are your express ticket to success.

We recommend you read the full article from the Social Media Examiner and invite your comments below.

What do you think? Is your visual content immediately familiar to your audience? What is your favorite way to add your brand touch to designs?

Becky Norwood and Diane K. Bell    www.publishyourselftowealth.com

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Tech Tools Thursday:  CoSchedule for WordPress

Tech Tools Thursday: CoSchedule for WordPress

This is the first of our Tech Tools Thursday. Each week we will be bringing you the cool tools we find that will help keep you organized, save time and help you be consistent in your marketing efforts.

This week we are showcasing . We recently discovered it and absolutely love it.


Give CoSchedule a Try!

We believe you will find it to be a valuable addition to your marketing. As , we often find ourselves involved in so many projects, and it easy for time to slip by. Suddenly you realize that your marketing using blogging and has slipped out of mind/out of sight. If you have a site, you will find this tool simple to use.

Click Here if you want to check out CoSchedule in detail.

Check Out CoSchedule Today! is a drag-and-drop editorial calendar for WordPress that puts your blog posts and social media messages on the same schedule.

Now, WordPress users can save time and grow traffic by scheduling blog posts and social media together on a unified drag-and-drop calendar. It's the content marketing calendar that WordPress is missing.

The best thing about CoSchedule is that as you drag a post from one date to another, your social media messages move with it. This allows bloggers to create a series of messages that promote their blog posts on a rolling schedule.


CoSchedule is only $10/month and integrates with WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages.


Drag-And-Drop Editorial Calendar
Schedule Social Media While You Blog
Save Time, Grow Traffic
Easily Re-Schedule Old Blog Content
Lightweight WordPress Plugin
Automated Social Publishing
Simple Team Communication
All-In-One Publishing Solution
No More WordPress Hacking

CoSchedule video

We hope you will love CoSchedule as much as we do!