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fast-start-groupOur Innovative Fast Start to Your Book Group Program is our Labor of Love.

We have observed that many professionals and business owners know they want to build something for themselves that goes beyond the confines of the workaday week and creates multiple streams of revenue.

We have observed time and again, those who have taken the plunge and have written a book that showcases themselves as a true expert and authority in their field and have successfully launched their prosperity platform.

What we have designed with our Fast Start Program is geared to helping:

  • Aspiring professionals who recognize that they need to plan ahead for their future
  • Business owners wishing to stand head and shoulders above their competition, and
  • Professionals approaching their mid 50's - 70's who wish to transition from the traditional work week to something that will make money for them while they sleep

While we do offer a one to one program for our clients, we have also found that our small group setting (such as this Fast Start to Your Book program) is an innovative and creative way to keep expenses down yet create a mastermind setting where we step participants through the process of not only writing a book, and more importantly setting in place a marketing plan for success.

If you would like to know more about our Publish Yourself to Wealth- Fast Start Program to Your Book, please click below for details.