Creating Social Media Images That Support Your Brand

Are you getting maximum results from your ? This article shows how to help your audience associate your #### images with your brand.

Source: How to Create Social Media Images That Support Your Brand Social Media Examiner


We share this as part of our Blogging adventure.  There is so much valuable content spread across the internet and it is impossible to be the "know it all."  Each of us as have a full plate when it comes to skillfully marketing both our books and the businesses we are building.

Social Media plays a huge role in exposure.  We felt that this article would be a valuable contribution to our followers.  Branding plays a key role in gaining recognition and familiarity with your followers.

Fonts, colors and layouts are all design elements that play a huge role in making your company’s images stand out. If one of your social media goals is to increase your brand recognition and drive more people to your business, effective design tactics are your express ticket to success.

We recommend you read the full article from the Social Media Examiner and invite your comments below.

What do you think? Is your visual content immediately familiar to your audience? What is your favorite way to add your brand touch to designs?

Becky Norwood and Diane K. Bell

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