Book Launch Today! “I Didn’t Know What to Say” by David Knapp

Author:  David Knapp

Author David Knapp - Grief Relief Ministries

David's Book is Available: July 15th!

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Being a Better Friend to Those Who Experience GriefHave you walked with friends or family members through a time of in their lives, and longed to be a better helper to them? Have you wished you knew how to rise above the norm and really make a difference to a person going through the grieving process?

All too often, our dominant way of dealing with the grief and loss of others is avoidance. We try to change the subject, stuff it down, explain it away, and generally try to get away from it quickly. Grief feels uncomfortable so sidestepping is our first reaction and then perhaps the offer of trite condolences at best, or worse something thoughtless and unintentionally damaging. Yet, grief really is best processed with the help of friends or relatives. Just as a cut on your arm, left unattended, can become infected, so too thwarted grief can cause issues in one’s life, either immediately or long term. The supportive help of others can assist in the proper healing of grief.

David Knapp’s personal experience of going through the deep grieving process twice in life did more than temporarily affect him. It motivated him to become a student of what was going on in and around him. He observed how friends and colleagues reacted to the stunning loss of not just one wife to cancer, but his second wife as well. He noted what people did and said that was helpful and what was hurtful. Soon he was driven to reach out and help others experiencing loss in ways that few had done for him. He began to see that most people really did want to connect with a person in grief, but fear, ignorance or verbal clumsiness held them back—but there were skills that could be learned.

More and more, Knapp found himself responding to questions about the grief process and what to say or NOT to say. Kindly he’d explain what it was like for him during the grieving process and how he could have been helped. More than one friend admitted, “I didn’t know what to say.” Born out of these experiences of helping his immediate family and countless unknown connections across the nation comes his book, I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY: Being A Better Friend To Those Who Experience Loss.

This is not a typical book on grief. Knapp’s dominant objective for writing his compelling story, interspersed throughout the book, is to help people—young or old, male or female, friend or professional—who find themselves close to a grieving individual. He deeply desires to empower people to be .

Knapp’s long experience as a teacher shows through as he shares practical suggestions for dealing with varying kinds of loss. Chapters cover losses of pets, divorce, children (by any means), relatives and spouses. He offers helpful insight in understanding gender, cultural, and religious differences, and how those affect grieving.  The book is filled with genuine help on how to go through the tumultuous grieving process with others, including some useful charts and lists for the hurried reader. He does not sidestep the need for time to deal with grief, and empathetically reassures the griever that in time one can emerge a whole person ready for wherever their journey takes them next.

We have enjoyed working with David Knapp and his wife Crystal Wacker Knapp in the process of writing his book and applaud this day with him and his family.  His subject is one we have all faced or will face at some time. David eloquently guides us on a subject so tender...dealing with loss and knowing what to say and do to be the greatest support for those who are experiencing loss.

David's ministry is called Grief Relief Ministries.  He is available for speaking engagements and training events.

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