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Judy Carrico has enjoyed a career in the fair industry for over 35 years. Her book is full of great interviews with experts in her field and she shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise on this subject.

The Fair Industry is undergoing significant change - from changing of funding sources, to retirements of long time Fair CEOs. This book is for anyone who currently is a Fair CEO or would like to be a Fair CEO in the future. You will learn from 11 Fair Industry Professionals who all have been involved in the Fair Industry for many years and have a ton of experience and advice to offer. If you are working or employed by a County or State Fair, you'll also gain valuable insight into some of the key components of putting on a successful County or State Fair.

Judy Carrico grew up in the SF Bay Area on a 600 acre cattle ranch. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture Business Management, she started working at county Fairs in California.

She has worked in the Fair Industry for over 30 years working in all the various departments. She has worked at 4 Fairs full time and 8 other Fairs during Fairtime. She has been the Chair of two Western Fair Association Areas (Central Coast Area and Sacramento Valley Area) and currently serves as the Treasurer of the Central Coast Area. She has been a speaker and presenter at the Western Fair's Association (WFA) Convention, chaired and served on the WFA Professional Development Committee, served on the WFA Achievement Awards Committee and currently co-chairs the WFA Ag Council. She recently was featured in the WFA Fair Dealer magazine. She has also served on the International Association of Fairs and Expositions IT Committee, Agriculture Committee and Competitive Exhibits Committee.

She is a Certified Consultant for Author Expert Marketing Machines, Top Gun Consulting and Traffic Geyser 2.0.

She is currently working with local businesses to increase their customer list.

She loves to travel with her husband, Forrest. One of their favorite spots is Kauai.

She lives in Mountain House CA.


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  • Judy, this is so great! You have a wealth of experience to share – Congratulations