Monday Mindset…Implementing an Awesome Productivity Tool

Even if you are on the right

Here we are in August...and the first Monday of the month!  Our Monday theme for our blog is all about Mindset, and each week we post interesting articles from Mindset Masters that we feel will be food for thought.

Today, though we feel that it is time to speak from the heart. We are eleven weeks into our first 12 week group training course that guides aspiring on their journey to authorship.  We've learned so much about ourselves and our fact our students have taught us as well.

We also have clients we work with regularly who are in some phase of writing their books and/or growing their business.  We observe and consult with them to help them either get back on track or stay on track.

We can say that is is no different for us.  Every week on Wednesday's I babysit my 3 year old grandson, and have been since he was 3 years old.  With 5 grown kids and 8 grandkids, there is always the "life" that happens...from health issues, vacations, divorce, to all that life can bring to a family.  Diane's husband is retired, and while she can get immersed in her work, she finds that he both needs and demands her attention to other family details.  She too has a large blended family with kids all across the U.S.  There's been moving and adoption of grandchildren....the list goes on.

Accounting for the ebb and flow of life, yes we can get off track.  The issue is getting back on track and keeping some sort of consistency, order and routine...all of which has something to do with our mindset.

Add to this, there are the other stress factors that we all go through that can overwhelm.  It's the overwhelm with all there is to learn, overwhelm with the technical parts of our digital world that are constantly changing, and the overwhelm of simply getting it all done.

The key here is that we make a concerted effort to move past the overwhelm into making progress on a regular basis, in fact daily.

It truly is about our this case the mindset is to put systems into place that will help alleviate the overwhelm.  Do you need a virtual assistant?  Does your office need to be organized?  Do you recognize that some things you indeed excel in, while others...well..not so much.

We have some resources we want to share with you in hopes that implementing a few of these organizational tools...(with more to come in the next few weeks), well help create an organized and accomplished mindset for success.

Resource Rolodex

Tools and resources can not only boost our productivity and help us get organized, they can also inspire us and restore enthusiasm for once-dreary tasks.

In addition to old favorites such as social media managers like Hootsuite and To Do list software or apps such as Evernote, check out this cool resource to help you de-clutter your business—and your life.

's Awesome Productivity

I am writing to tell you about an amazing product called the Action Enforcer, which guarantees to DOUBLE your productivity!

So much more than a calendar or day timer, it allows you to plan, monitor and schedule all areas of your life at once and it is highly customizable.  With the help of the Action Enforcer, you’ll be able to rev your productivity engine in no time flat!

A calendar or day timer is static: It only lets you enter tasks and events and it’s up to you to actually remember to do them or attend them. The Awesome Productivity software, on the other hand, can remain open on your desktop in the background (it takes barely any memory) and it will remind you with an audible alarm when it is time to do tasks during the day.

You can also set up multiple timers (groups) containing different types of tasks (and set the alarm tones to a tone of your choosing—as well as tick off each task with a big green checkmark when it’s done.

Get into the habit of sitting down, making your to-do list and entering the day’s tasks—personal and business—into our Awesome Productivity action enforcer every morning, and your day will run more smoothly.

With the help of the Action Enforcer, you can expect to learn all of the following (and then some):

● How to laugh in the face of procrastination
● Proven tricks to sharpen your focus and get your brain storming
● Effective tips to let you take control of time rather than have time control you
● And 23 other proven strategies to help you take more action each and every day with the BONUS “Action Unleashed”

The Action Enforcer comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk whatsoever!  Better yet, the cost is only $27.00!