Legends & Lies Of The New York Times BestSeller List

Legends & Lies Of The New York Times BestSeller List

legends&lies of NYT Best Sellers List

Bill O’Reilly’s personal story brings up a real issue for all everywhere.

His story (aired on Fox News) emphasizes a fatal flaw in the way books are listed on New York Times list. This isn’t the first time this flaw has been pointed out by the in recent times.

Tim Grahl, posted an article in the Observer in February of this year, pointing out the “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” when he referred to the NYT selection process for its bestseller list.

O’Reilly noted the failure of his newest book, “Legends & Lies: The Patriots”, to reach on the famed New York Times best seller list despite selling more (14,500 more) books, than “The Gene”, which was listed Number one in the same week.


********** The video has been removed from the site, however, I found this transcript

Is the NY Times Best-Seller List Honest?
The Factor alleged that something is amiss with the New York Times important best-seller list. The new book "Legends & Lies: The Patriots' debuted at 1 on the Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly lists, but it is number six on the Times list. Also, 'Legends & Lies' has sold far more books than 'The Gene,' which tops the Times list. The Times editor refused an invitation to appear, but two publishing experts spoke about the list. "The Times plays games all the time with many of our books," groused Marji Ross of Regnery Publishing, "and many of our authors have experienced the same thing you have experienced." consultant Tim Grahl agreed that the Times list is questionable. "They're selecting the data that fulfills what they are looking for, they are sampling the stores to make sure that the list leans the way they want it to list. The New York Times best-seller list should have a big asterisk!"

Here’s how it seems to work:

The New York Times samples its own list of book sellers across the country. According to Tim’s article, a small group of people determine the data and criteria used to select the list.
Now here’s the interesting part, apparently if your book is written with a conservative slant there appears to be evidence your book will rank lower on the list and drop off faster than one written with a more liberal slant…and it’s not always about the actual number of books sold. One other thing, the list segregates digital books and print copies.  (You can find the full article here: http://observer.com/2016/02/the-truth-about-the-new-york-times-and-wall-street-journal-bestseller-lists/ )

Why does this matter to you as an author? Because a BestSeller listing means more book sales, more speaking gigs and more money.

My advice:

1. Focus on your audience and your reader.

2. Leverage Amazon: reach bestseller and leverage your status

3. Be sure to place your book in every format possible, everywhere possible.

You’ll want to be sure you make it available on Amazon as a Kindle book, as well as print…and don’t forget about audio. Audio books can outsell print or digital books as much as 60%.

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