Modern Authors Delve Into Digital and Visual Storytelling

Modern Authors Delve Into Digital and Visual Storytelling

A look at how are using and visuals to connect with fans, build online communities and rethink the creative process.

Source: Modern Authors Delve Into Digital and Visual Storytelling

This is a great article we found! wealthyauthors at Publish Yourself to Wealth is adamant about making sure our students and clients understand the many tools that need to be used in our marketing efforts.

We strive to share as many good articles as we can to showcase the wealth of possibilities.

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Becky Norwood and Diane Bell

Do You Have a Growth Mindset?  Mindset Monday

Do You Have a Growth Mindset? Mindset Monday

is everything. If that statement seems too strong, consider that we bring these basic assumptions to every decision and action we make. Left unexamined, they may unnecessarily restrict us or lead us in the wrong direction altogether. Perception may not truly be reality, but when it comes to how we approach challenges and opportunities, […]

Source: Do You Have a Growth Mindset? - HBR

wealthyauthors  Publish Yourself to Wealth has themed their blogging efforts.  Mindset Monday is our opportunity to discuss a key factor to the success of all of our efforts.  If we are stuck, then it is time to assess where we are and try a different outlook, a different approach, maybe a fresh and renewing start.

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Book Launch Today!  Chasing the Blue Marlin

Book Launch Today! Chasing the Blue Marlin

We are excited to announce the pre launch of Chasing the Blue Marlin by Dr. Jordan Cooper


Dr. Jason Cooper: Chasing the Blue Marlin

Get Dr. Jordan Cooper's Book on Amazon!

Dr. Jordan Cooper’s new book, “Chasing the Blue Marlin,” is now available on Amazon! Within these covers, Cooper deftly weaves personal stories with philosophy and entrepreneurial smarts to help you become the best version of yourself you can be — a passionate person that you are proud of.

This is a gripping ... kind of edge of your seat story!

With Cooper’s help, you will learn to set better goals, achieve those goals, and explore your way of life so that all of your actions, entrepreneurial or personal, will be aligned with your core values. You’ll push your boundaries, break free of past failures, find ways to create success for yourself, and even learn some physical fitness as you strive to take hold of all that life has to offer you.


- Set better goals and achieve them
- Identify your passions, values and create the person you want to be
- Break free of your past and build an abundant future
- Align your actions with your core values to center yourself for personal and professional growth
- Push your boundaries and create the blueprint for your future


Dr. Jordan Cooper

View Dr. Jordan Coopers Book Trailer

Carrie Hartunian Smith is hosting this book launch for her client.

Supporting Customers Using Facebook

Supporting Customers Using Facebook

# Marketing Podcast 153, in this episode Mari Smith will explore how to use Facebook for customer service and support.

Source: Supporting Customers With Facebook: What Businesses Need to Know Social Media Examiner

Mari-Smith-FB-Business-Page (1)

This is an informative article and podcast served to you courtesy of Social Media Examiner.  We follow their blog and share often because of the vast wealth of valuable information they provide that can help us grow our business and promote our books as authors.


Becky Norwood and Diane K. Bell

Visioning Your Way to Success

Visioning Your Way to Success


As ...or aspiring authors, we have such brilliance in our dreams to make a difference in this big world of ours.

Authors and business owners are in business, not just to make a living.  Our purpose is to impact the world we live in.  Often non fiction writers have one of three goals:

  • To leave a legacy
  • To build our existing businesses
  • To reinvent ourselves and create a brand new business that in in harmony with who we are and can showcase our wisdom and expertise.

The goal of this exercise is to create a business in harmony with the lifestyle you desire, using your knowledge, expertise and professional experience.

What does your lifestyle business look like?

  • If you had all the time, and all the money, and all the resources, and all the contacts, and everything you need, and you wanted to design your life and business perfectly, what would it look like 10 years from today? (from Brian Tracy)


  • If we were having this conversation three years from today, and we were to look back from that date back to now, what has to have happened—in terms of your personal and business progress—for you to feel happy with your progress? (from Dan Sullivan) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Which of these time-tested information products and programs excite you?


Can you imagine what your business will look like with a variety of these working for you?

From the 57 time-tested books and information products below, identify those you want to develop, to create your perpetual income platform.

Take a moment and circle those you’d like to have working for you in the next 6 months to 3 years…

Books  · E-books ·  Audio Books ·  Booklets and Mini-books  ·  Workbooks  · Reference Books

Single Audio Cassettes or CDs · Audio Learning Programs · Downloadable Audio and Document Products · Subscription Audio Series · Video Trainings

Multi-media Programs · CD-ROM DVD Training · Home Study Programs · Professional Education Programs · Web-centered Distance Education Programs · Keynote Speaking

Break-out Sessions · Speakers Bureau Programs · Public Seminars · Tele-seminars ·Webinars

Corporate Training Programs · Train-the-Trainer Programs · BootCamps · Tele-boot Camps · Cruise Ship Seminars · Coaching Programs

Mentoring and Apprentice Programs · Business-building and Practice-building Systems · Long-term Consulting Contracts · Subscription Consulting · Licensing

Facilitation and Certification Programs · Weekend Retreats · Newsletters  Ezines and E-newsletters · Special Reports or White Papers ·Syndicated Columns

Television and Radio Shows · Video Podcasts · Audio Podcasts, Internet Radio Shows · Private Label Newspaper, Magazine or Newsletter · Ghostwriting and Co-authoring · Pre-sold Book Program · Branded Retail Products

Acquiring Rights · Selling Your Intellectual Property Rights ·Media Expert Contracts · Spokesperson Contracts · Software ·Trade Shows And Conventions

Trade Associations · Membership Web Sites · Finder & Agent Programs ·Custom Products For Fundraisers · Philanthropic Trusts and Foundations

Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform is comprised of 4 types of income streams.

Which of these is right for you?

Of the 4 Income Streams…Which do you want working for you?  Why?

To the best of your ability, quantify the amounts of income you want from each.

My Ideal Immediate Income:  $______________

My Ideal Residual Income:     $______________

My Ideal Income from O.P.E. (other people’s money): $____________

Income from selling parts or all of your business:   $_____________

What problems do you solve for others?

Summarize the problems your expertise can solve and the aspirations you can help others achieve ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Now which of these areas have others been willing to pay for?  You are seeking a large buying audience, and those who have shown an interest in your product or service.

Want to discover what your audience is buying?  You simply do a search online and see what products are being offered by the top experts in your field; your competitors.

(Don’t be afraid of competition here!  You want a large audience and if there’s no one providing your service, then you won’t have a market).

As you create and build your legacy, your brand, write your book...think of the big picture that allows you to build streams of revenue that can sustain you without being there 24/7.

Create products that can truly impact the lives of others....because...