Simple First Steps to Start Marketing Your Book

Simple First Steps to Start Marketing Your Book

Here's a simple list to Start Marketing Your Book, even before it's written:

  • Join a Facebook group with other Author's and cross-promote each other's books
  • Post samples of your content on your blog and on the Authors Book Marketing Network Facebook page
  • Post your Cover on your blog and the Authors Book Marketing Network Facebook page
  • Send your draft to friends to get feedback on your content
  • Start thinking about your monetization strategy...What products will you offer your readers?
  • What keywords are you going to use in your book title or your subtitle?
  • Research hashtags (#) other readers in your genre are using
  • Discover other Facebook groups/pages that relate to your field of interest and your book
  • Discover Blogs that review books in your genre
  • Find Forums and Discussion groups where your readers/fans may hang out
  • Book a
  • Include your new title as:  Author of "The Name of Your Book"  in your email signature
Are You an Aspiring Professional?  Is a Book in Your Future?

Are You an Aspiring Professional? Is a Book in Your Future?

As an aspiring professional, you’ve worked diligently to be where you are today.a professional

You’ve built a solid reputation among your peers, your bosses and your co-workers.

Your customers/clients loyally listen to your recommendations. You know your business inside and
out. You’re making a good living… You’re driving a new SUV, paying your bills, and putting away a tidy sum each month. Most of the time, you can get home on those special nights, in time to get to your daughter’s recital or get to the ballfield before your son takes his first swing at bat.

You work long hours, taking work home most nights. It’s a drag, but you justify it, because most of your friends do too. It’s just part of the job. You’re usually the first one to the office and most nights you’re the one whose turning off lights and locking doors.
When it comes time to take that hard-earned vacation, you find yourself wrapped up in a big deal. You know, the one you’ve been working on for 3 months, and it’s finally coming together. So, you send your family off, with a hug and a kiss…and tell them you’ll catch up when you can. You never get there. They
send you “selfies”and text how great the water is, and how much little Jamie has grown. It’s times like these, you lay awake at night struggling with how you can make a change. It’s hard. You just can’t make a move right now.

CaptureDiscover A New Recipe
Why Now?…
Why lead with a book?
Technology is altering our lives at the speed of light!
It’s been less than a decade, since the first iPhone was released.

As our book, (Publish Yourself to Wealth, Build Your Prosperity Platform),  is written, it was just 8 years ago - June 2007. The iPad in 2010 - just over 5 years

Now some would argue, Apple, Inc. wasn’t the first to bring the likes of these products to market, however, you probably won’t argue they set the standard. All that aside, what’s important here is:
Because of this new portable “smart” technology, we conduct our daily lives differently…
Right? Ok, then…Why are you going about your business as usual?

Think about it this way:

If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get the same
results you’ve always gotten.

To change your results, you must change something!

There's no glossing over these facts:

Change your strategy or marketing, and you'll change your results.

Change your business model and you'll change your results.

Change nothing – and nothing will change!

It's simply a matter of following a new recipe.

Stop doing what you're doing. Take a break and assess what's working and
what's not.

"We are shaping the world faster than we can change ourselves and we are
applying to the present the habits of the past."
Sir Winston Churchill

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Is Your Best Selling Book Gathering Cobwebs in Cyberspace?

Is Your Best Selling Book Gathering Cobwebs in Cyberspace?

As publishers of non fiction books, we spend so much of our resources of both time and money to makeGathering Cobwebs sure we get the word out in our effort to reach best selling status.  But how many of us make sure our books get the ongoing media attention that they deserve?  Your book is meant to be your prosperity platform and as such, it is imperative that steps are taken to make sure that it does just that.

Considering the time and effort that goes into writing a quality book, with the goal of leveraging your expertise on the subject matter to build your prosperity platform, is would be a sin to leave these steps out.

No gathering cobwebs in cyberspace!  As a matter of fact, one of the best steps you can take for yourself is to develop a 12 month plan that will keep you on track to keeping your book front and center and producing the results you worked to hard to obtain.

Our goal is to provide you with not only the tools but the strategies that will let you accomplish this.

This blog is written both for those who are self publishers (#indie writers/##) and for those who assist their clients in this process.

The dark side of publishing is that non fiction books on average only sell 300 copies over the lifetime of a book.  We personally know of many books selling far less.  Of all of the non fiction books written, only 1% find their way onto bookstore shelves!  Added to this, the marketplace itself is overflowing with competition.  It is estimated that there are 3 million titles a year published in the U.S. alone and of them, most are self published.  These are staggering figures!

Despite those somewhat dismal statistics, there is still overwhelming value in writing a book.

  • Books help business owners gain credibility, giving them more exposure to their businesses.
  • Books help the author make and name for themselves and establish themselves as the experts in their field.

We have found many online courses on writing and publishing a book that stop at the most crucial point of book publishing....MARKETING!

Smart marketing includes these key ingredients:

  • A Media Room on your website.  This is the pulse of your website.  You will use this page to showcase your book(s), products and message.  You will put links to your media appearances, podcasts, speaking engagement schedule and all the other little tidbits that showcase you and your expertise.  (See what else should be in your media room!)
  • Set in place a 12 - month book marketing publicity plan.  ( cobwebs here!)
  • Subscribe to Haro and Reporter Connection so you can monitor opportunities for publicity.
  • Keep a close eye on forums for magazines and newspapers.
  • Research industry trade associations.  They often look for expertise their members may have with the potential for speaking engagements
  • Turn chapters of your book into tip sheets.  Then find avenues to use these as press releases.
  • Send out newsletters to your followers.
  • Create surveys on your topic and submit the results in a press release.
  • Conduct attention grabbing contests centered around getting reviews on your book.  Submit the results as a press release.
  • Locate trade magazines that are looking for good content.
  • Set up a virtual book tour for your book.  (Read about it here)

The key is that you must elevate yourself from being simply an author to being and EXPERT.  This is what will be the stepping stone to building your Prosperity Platform.