Ten Ways to Use Breaking News to Build Buzz for Your Book, Product or Business

In an age of the 24-hour news cycle, there is always . But what can you do if you’ve got something to say about a breaking news story?  Take action!

First, join the conversation, especially if the issue is on your topic or within your area of expertise. You’ll find discussion on social , considerable television coverage and plenty of cable talk show debates.

These ten steps are key to identifying your expertise, developing talking points, and being ready to get yourself out there when there’s a big news story. The next time you see a hot news story, start pitching. You just might end up being be the go-to source everyone quotes for that story!

Source: Ten Ways to Use Breaking News to #### for Your Book, Product or Business - Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

Be sure to follow the link above (or below) to view the infographic by Author Marketing Experts. Inc.  It gives some valuable tips on ways to get your foot in the door to gain exposure for your book, product or business. We know that many realize the need for smart marketing to keep top of mind awareness.