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Gain Massive Exposure Using Virtual Book Tours

Most of us are familiar with Book Signing Events and they do still have merit when marketing in your local area.  However, with the arrival of our digital world, and the ability to spread our messages internationally, physical book signing events are not humanly possible.

The flip side of the coin is that there is so much focused effort on the book launch in the effort to get  your book to best selling status, and little focus on What's Next!

The What's Next IS our Focus.  Below we highlight just one of our What's Next? solutions.


                                  Our solution?

Virtual Book Tours

Done correctly, a can have an enormous impact on the success of not only in getting your book to Best Selling status but it can create massive exposure for business growth.

There are 4 Basic Types of Virtual Book Tours

Fast Blast Tour

Prosperity Tour

Ranking Tour

Social Media Tour

Yes, these can be mixed and combined in many creative ways.  The concept and implementation of Virtual Book Tours is that is opens to door to many opportunities for massive exposure.  It often leads to speaking engagements, the opportunity to be added to other experts mailing lists, podcast interviews and joint ventures.

As with anything, preparation is the key.  We offer a How To Manual as well as Done For You Services.